Santa Clara Rocking The Overbids!


Regarding the smell, it is real. I used to live near rivermark. It can be really bad if your window is facing northeast. Otherwise it’s unnoticeable indoors, but it could be worse in milpitas.


I don’t think Wuqijun is from HK because his English name is pronounced in Mandarin. Gee I thought you are his best online buddy…


He said so, guess you miss that post. He shared a lot about himself.


I actually prefer North Los Altos. It’s pleasant and downtown and parks are plenty. People are nice and usually leave you alone. (There’s nothing wrong with South Los Altos, we just want to avoid the Cupertino schools.)

However, Palo Alto seems to have more affordable properties including the newer townhome communities and usually more inventory than Los Altos.

I feel people in Palo Alto are more standoffish and entitled. Maybe it’s the “new money” factor? Not sure.

I am sorry if anyone here is from Palo Alto. I am generalizing from experience but of course, not everyone is the way I have witnessed. And there are really nice people in Palo Alto too.


Milpitas has risen about 25% in last two year (solely based on my investment property and couple of property I know in the area) - 720K -> 900K with strong rent number. 3/2 - 1400 sqft is renting as $3650 (tenant wants to sign lease for 2+ yrs) which is the same as some part of Sunnyvale & Santa Clara, but much lower investment. Yes, smell is there on warm summer evenings, but school are great, it was 8/8/9 2 yrs ago and now it is 8/9/10 and is central to a lot of commute location. I wouldn’t recommend as primary if you can avoid it, but for investment, it is worth to consider.

One more thing to consider is part of Milpitas will require flood insurance which runs about $1600 / yr, due to flood zone.


People seem stunned and says it’s cool. Others congratulate me. My response is always the same: it’s overrated and it sucks. I really mean it.


You guys have to learn how to harp on your wives until they give in the same way they do to you.

I see the asians are drawn to PA like moths to a flame. That’s leaves MP for the others.


Actually @harriet is right. I was from Canton not HK. Sorry for making all the bad HK jokes… :sweat:


Can we make FAQ section on wuqijun?
At some point, I was under the impression that he was married and had 3 children. However, later he sounded like a single guy.
Looks like many of us are experiencing difficulties in picturing the image of wuqijun.
For those of us who got easily misled by wuqijun’s joke (and could not distinguish his joke from fact) , i guess it is a good idea to set up FAQ about him.
And yes, this means that you are very popluar here, wuqijun. :smile:


Where’d you end up buying instead?


Just have @wuqijun post a link to his Tinder profile. :laughing:


Oh that sounds welcoming… Yes, please set up a list of FAQs. I wouldn’t mind answering any and all questions :rofl:

Um… now that I think about it some more, maybe those questions should be more real estate related and not too personal… :slightly_smiling_face:


@manch should organize a meetup, maybe in South Bay? Where is everyone based? Sounds like most of us are down here except @sfdragonboy


We said “screw southbay” and moved up to sf. :slight_smile:


I have an idea. Let’s have @manch arrange a meetup at his home in SF…


Any guesses on what the flipper would have made on this house? I would guess probably 600-650k


Anyone knows what’s the going rate for listing agent and buyers agent commission in SBay these days?


Yeah, Fearless Leader, let’s have a bash at your pad in the Bayview…

Dang, better to drive the CRX there or not???

Uber, please!!! (What, what you mean you won’t go there…)


About 4.5% in the Sunnyvale/Cupertino area.


And what’s the typical listing/buyer agent split of the 4.5%? 2% listing and 2.5% buyer?