Santa Clara Rocking The Overbids!


I think we know plenty of people who rented for whatever reason, and they simply did not foresee the pricing climate that we are in. Some can still afford it, but probably don’t want to spend that much. Shoot, I can probably buy a small PA home if I really, really want it, but I am not stupid. Not only do I not want the ridiculous bump in property tax my wife and I would have a terrible commute. And, again, we don’t have kids so why burden ourselves to that extent financially? Our plate is full as it is and I want to go on a diet if anything semi LT…


@manch Be proud. Posts on your forum can bring down Google’s stock price. :slight_smile:


Me too. Let’s get a duplex together @wuqijun :rofl:


So? Are you assuming I’m not aware of such cases or giving good reasons why not buying is ok? My point is they should be buying regardless of their reasons for not buying.


I have the same goal!! But I suspect I will buy in milpitas instead. :grin:


[quote=“manch, post:85, topic:2932”]
I have the same goal!! But I suspect I will buy in milpitas instead. :grin:
[/quote]Well both of you are from Hong Kong.

Now I have to wonder whether punchitchewie is from Hong Kong too.

What is the attraction of PA? Went there many times, don’t see anything that I want there.

You are not from Hong Kong, what is the attraction? You’re previously from New Delhi?


I am a long time google bear. Their management’s handling of the sexist post leaves a lot to be desired. Facebook has a similar outbreak early this year and zuck just shut them down quietly.

Facebook >> Google.


Well, we can buy a triplex and do a condo conversion.

What’s the rules for condo conversion in PA and other peninsula cities? I have not heard of any condo conversion, is it lack of interest or regulatory barrier?


Are you a Google bear because of the bolded statement above?


My parents are from Hong Kong (I can speak Cantonese) but I was born and raised in Vancouver – essentially HK-lite.


Perfect correlation! Is an attitude of ex-Hong Kongers that make them want to stay in PA. What in PA remind you guys of Hong Kong?


Wow, ok…

All I can say to that is, welcome to the real world…


:joy: thank you for reframing my statement into a more positive and less self-deprecating one.


Chinese people are the most wealth-oriented kind of people in the world. HKers are the most wealth-oriented kind of Chinese (or British, according to some :rofl:). Therefore, we only prefer Palo Alto… :rofl:


PA has a nice and safe downtown


By that you mean, worry about people “see you no up”, 看不起你? Then you should go to NYC or Hollywood, LA :slight_smile: Here billionaires drive Prius and wear few hundred dollars sunglasses (mine costs more than a thousand dollar). Many stay in cheap ranch houses :grinning:


Reading thru this thread, i wonder if we made a wrong decision not buying into Palo Alto… are people bullish on PA prices still? My rationale was once a neighborhood goes over what the vast majority (demand) can afford, it won’t keep increasing… According to that logic, sf still has a lot more headroom than PA, be it sfh or condo.


Hanera, only a thousand dollars? That’s so Busch league. :laughing:


We’re in the same boat, I’m a SAHD. When people asks what are you doing, say you’re retired, sound pretty cool especially if you’re young :smile: make enough and can afford to retire :rofl:


Your nose is deceiving you. @punchitchewie hadn’t scared you off yet?