Santa Clara Rocking The Overbids!


If so above,

Price/Rent ratio will grow higher and higher, i.e. Cash flow will deteriorate much further.


Yes, international buyers will buy with all cash down so their cash flow will be positive no matter what.


There is an inherent urge in people to own their primary homes, & if Bay Area doesn’t give them that opportunity people might be reluctant to move here long term.


That’s fine, many people from south of the border and other Third World countries eager to come and work. They wouldn’t mind renting.


Average 3% a year. Your home will appreciate by 34% by 2027.

Do you want to buy another house? Or sell the current house if 3% is accurate?


Just because you put down all cash doesn’t mean positive cash flow. .Taxes, maintenance insurance can be huge…In London before the great recession there were places with negative cap rates…can happen…


Yes I get that… if we ever get to that point… :slight_smile:


For sure. Multi units are not sexy but can provide good cash flow. I am sure you own some, right?


If you visit Milpitas nearer to 880 [ for e.g Walmart ] , you will feel Milpitas Smell.


Another example of Apple campus bumping up Santa Clara Schools properties.


If they had given away a P100D model this would have gone over 2.5M.

Looks like pics are gone from Redfin.

Found them here:


Not sure GOOG has the appetite for TSLA now.

Musk approached his buddy Page in 2013 when TSLA was on its knees and GOOG passed.

You never know though.

I’m long TSLA BTW.


I used to go to that mall a lot. That Borders bookstore was my favorite. (RIP…). No smell.

You guys all have sensitive noses or something. :smile:


Its a very nice post…


Here’s another one that’s 95050 in a worse location north of El Camino. Surprised it actually went over ask, with ask already being high.


:scream: :scream: :scream: :scream_cat: :scream_cat: :scream_cat:


Isn’t that a little bit too much? That’s West San Jose pricing, not Santa Clara pricing…


SC > WSJ now :smiley:


This doesn’t surprise me really. Remember, I don’t know or work down there to know how the various cities stack up or what the hierarchy is (other than our fav Palo Alto) but ever since Day 1 we have been gushing about SV so shouldn’t the housing down there be expensive? I mean, really expensive??? And, everywhere???


My WAG is because of the resurgence of semiconductor companies such as NVDA. Santa Clara has many semiconductor companies.