Santa Clara Rocking The Overbids!


Yea, I think WSJ has been an established neighborhood so prices are climbing but not at a meteoric clip, like MV and Sunnyvale. Now Santa Clara is getting the overflow as MV and Sunnyvale reach 1.8-2M median ranges I’m guessing.


Comparable recently sold home in WSJ

Even tear-down home in WSJ is over 1.9 million

I guess good appreciation has been common trend across all SV this year.


Where’s my rich dad? He should have bought a home like that for me to move in and enjoy life… :thinking: :wink:


You became rich (from my standard, yes, you are rich) without rich dad. Isn’t it even greater? :slight_smile:


No. I don’t want to make my own money. I want to inherit lots and lots of money like the millenials :laughing:


3 year and 6 month valuation increase comparison of Santa Clara vs. West San Jose. The only zip that stands out is 95051.



Now I recall why at one time I was looking at Santa Clara, 95051, was thinking of renting to those working in Apple Park aka Spaceship. It has landed and many folks are boarding the spaceship.


how 94087 is doing now :slight_smile:


Who wants to guess what this will go for.


Allow me. 1.4M.


This is in better shape than I thought @RealEstatebull, but people are still going to be turned off by that garage conversion. I’m guess it’s right on what you had a chance to get it at. 1.18-1.25 range.


Someone really wanted the land.

Get that Cupertino schools.


Gosh. Is Santa Clara over already?


Condo play!


Yes, 1.2M is my guess. the only trick is what to make of the 300 sft garage conversion sft. Treat it as 100sft for pricing purposes? This cant be compared to a 1650sft regular sft home.


Japan origin, but techy stock options easy cash people…


That house is in CUSD so treat it like Cupertino and not Santa Clara


Sometimes I read you all of your posting guys…and I can’t believe you are still living in the dark era of real estate.

Some people ask why other people pay x amount for a home with bad schools? Well, be smart, they don’t have kids yet. Or they are gays, or they don’t plan on having kids. Don’t ask why, don’t limit yourself to your own thoughts, be open to anything.

Milpitas smell? I’ve been there during the day and nights, in the great mall, and 2 out of 8 times I smell that. But even where I live on McKee and Alum Rock I can smell it once in a while. I lived in Visalia and I got used to the smell of cow’s farts :sweat_smile:

I was in Gilroy yesterday talking to realtors and visiting their open homes and the homes sales there are crazy. $1.4 is normal over there. There are some homes on the $1M threshold but still, Gilroy?


Intel’s stock price rocketed up 7.4% today, now at a 17-year high. Everybody knows about Nvidia. Hardware companies are roaring back to life thanks to AI. Santa Clara price will go INSANE!!

Anyone looking to buy in SC?