Schools in SF?


Jack Ma on poor people. Obviously not said by Jack Ma, just someone using his name.


I attended a few seminars by popular college consulting firms in this area and all of them were really disappointing.
At the first seminar, the counselor bragged about how impressive letter of recommendation he wrote for his client (student from Italy) since the teacher of the client was not fluent in English and as a result, she was admitted to one of IVY school.
Another popular consulting firm in this area hired the person with criminal record (sentenced with 1 million kickback) as a consultant and he is still working as senior director there.
The third consulting firm gave the presentation to group of parents and all they provided were the list of competitions to impress admission officers. Unfortunately, none of these resume improvement tips were compelling to me. As a matter of fact, I got the impression that such service may ruin my kids in the long run.

Maybe, it is simply because I haven’t found the good one. However, I guess I spent enough time to figure out if there would be real benefit of such service.


Hire the best:


Lasse, ikke daarlig vaere bare daarlige klaer!


Thanks Jane, you are too kind :slight_smile:
I’m not a software engineer, but I did major in a STEM field


Professional counselors are such ripoffs. If the kid is resourceful I don’t think he/she needs any counselor.


I have to wonder how many freshmen got into UCs using consultants or other cute techniques. According to my son, out of 382 students taking the data structure course (a lower division CS course), only 115 students passed i.e. 267 students have to repeat. 45 got A/B and 70 got C. Cutting off % for C is 50. How did these freshmen got admitted to CS/ CE/ EE class?


Well, if everyone gets an A then that means the system is way too easy. Come on, this is UC computer science NOT city college liberal arts.


Seems to suggest the failure of UC educators, not the failure of students.

Another possibility is that class size is too big and the school artificially fail students to limit class size for upper divisions.

I heard from Cal alumni that UC provides a poor education and destroys many A students to F students or dropouts

Maybe UC’s undergraduate education quality is poor, could be worse than Santa Clara U. It’s better to go to a private college if you can afford


Sounds like that professor went to MIT. They believe the homework should be difficult enough that most students will only score a 50%. Exams are 3 questions. C students get the 1st right, B students get the 1st and 2nd right, and A students get all 3 right. The third question will always have something new that wasn’t in lecture or homework.


I do agree that the bigness of the UC is not for everyone. When my buddy’s daughter got accepted to all of the 3 top UC schools, I warned her dad that because she went to a relatively small high school here in the Fab 7x7 that it will be a big change for her. Not to mention that the quarter system at UCLA where she is headed is fastr paced as opposed to the typical semester format. 5 weeks in, bam, you got mid-terms. Well, he said it would be good for her to branch out and come out of her shell. Hey, school and life are all about learning not only about subjects but really about yourself. Yes, I may not be a Russell Westbrook (shoot, he only stayed what 2 yrs?) but my time at UCLA was well spent and that is why probably Russell and I share a real liking for the old girl…


Some girls don’t really need to care too much about school because they always have an option of marrying rich dudes… of course these girls need to be pretty…


WTF. Unbelievable!


For some UC students, would they be more successful had they gone to a private school? Is it true that UC destroyed some students future career?

Should a student choose a private college over UC if he can afford?


Well, my buddy’s daughter seems to be a hard worker like her dad. She worked all of her summers in fairly cool (real) jobs and I believe she was valedictorian for her class. She is like my one niece who scares the sheet out of me. For a very little girl now, she is too smart. When a waiter asked her what would she like to drink and she responded a vodka please, Uncle Dragonboy was sweating cuz she meant it…


That is a touchy subject and honestly can go either way. I grew up a poor city kid, so I am biased against private schools and mainly because honestly my experiences with folks graduating from private schools is not all that. If anything, we kids who went to regular schools and public universities turned out fine and successful enough. Private is def not necessarily better.


Well, some boys also don’t care about school and they don’t even dream of marrying a rich woman



I went to a UC for undergrad. I think it is great for those who are self-motivated. At least when I was in school (a while ago), it was a great value and gave an opportunity for many from struggling or middle-class families to advance. Any student needing some time to mature or handholding will be in trouble and would be better served at a smaller private school.


Agreed, hopefully @wuqijun was just kidding mostly…

With that said though, if you are as old as I am, have you ever heard of a gal majoring in MRS??? Yes, it could be guys too…


Hum… you mentioned earlier that you would buy nice home for your sons but not for your daughter since that should come from her future husband (family).
I thought that you were joking but it sounds like you meant it based on repetitive patterns of your comment.

What if she doesn’t want to get married?

I hope her to grow up as an independent and successful lady not needing anything from her parents or husband (if any).