Schools in SF?


Sure I have heard this from my grandparent’s generation when women frequently stayed at home after kids and didn’t use their degree in the workplace. In today’s economy with 2 income families the norm to live a comfortable life, I wouldn’t count on a sugar daddy or mamma for a decent life. Everyone needs an education here.

If I had a son or daughter who thought they could get by on their looks and skip an education, I would warn them looks fade. Someone who picks you primarily based on your looks will move on when they do fade. Also, people tend to marry someone with an education level similar to their own.


Man, @wuqijun is old school Chinese…


Quantative classes always grade on a curve.


19th century old school. Even my grandma doesn’t think like that.


A curve to fail 70% students? What kind of school is this? Isn’t the time of everyone also worth something? If the admitted students quality is too low, raise the bar. If the class is too big, make it smaller. If the professor is inadequate to teach, fire them.

I heard of 1500 student for a single class. That’s not good. Is the government forcing UC to admit more stunners than capacity could afford?

I would avoid UC if this is true.


It’s a system to weed out students that don’t have the drive to continue or those who are less likely to succeed in the field. I think it’s great. We don’t need anymore grade inflation.


You can be selective in admission. Also make the class smaller. 1500 student per class is not good for everyone.

California has too few good private colleges. If a student wants to stay in Bay Area, there are so few options. If you can’t get into Stanford, your second choice would be Santa Clara U or U San Francisco U. Our billionaires should found more good universities instead of wasting their money.

In fact, Silicon Valley money is too little. In the old days, rich people had so much money to found colleges in east coast. Now the so-called Silicon Valley rich people are much poorer than the old days


A curve that fails 70% of students sounds like a crappy bitter teacher to me. I had a game theory teacher who failed 3/4 of the class because he was burnt out teaching and insisted everyone in the class was lazy and dumb instead of him being a poor instructor. He was put on probation by the dean the next year.


Give me a break. You guys are blind to reality here. The percentage of women living off of their husbands are huge. The percentage of men living off of their wives are tiny. Just a daily dose of unpleasant reality check for you guys. And, you don’t have to go back to your great grandma’s generation either.


You are becoming the trump of this forum. Beware!


The curve doesn’t fail 70% of the students. Typically 20% is allocated to each grade so 60% of the students will pass.


So are you the Clinton of this forum then? Beware!


To be fair, I have seen women on both sides of this. My own wife who is from Malaysia didn’t go to college but she works hard, cooks for me, and manages to earn 6 figures. She may not have had a house when we married but she can certainly stand on her own two feet without me. On the other hand, she has friends who are plain and simple gold diggers who are out to be Mrs…


The Clinton of this forum? Maybe not me. Who is it then? :sunglasses:


I have no problem with women living off of their husband. It’s an individual choice! However, some people (@MM_HH and @BAGB) seem to have a problem with that. Are they saying that these women are not as deserving than those who preferred to earn their own living? That’s a slap in the face to a significant percentage of women in the world! What a shame.


Some people have advanced degrees but still struggle in life. Other people with no degree or no college education, still manage to have a good life


Well, she was probably unfortunately a victim of this behavior/thought back then. If you said, grandpa, then that would carry more weight since he would be going against the grain that was common back then.

Me, I am all about sharing equally amongst siblings and I don’t keep track of which sibling got more from Mom vs me, etc.


There’s data on that:

It appears going to an elite school is about finding a high earning mate…


Well, perhaps it was the delivery of the message and the remark about needing to be pretty…

Again, what two people agree on (as long as both of them have their eyes wide open) is fine with me. Come on, must we deny that mail order brides don’t exist too???


Do you have children @wuqijun? I would guess no because “living off their husband” is a nieve take on women staying at home. It’s not as easy as Sheryl Sandberg says in Lean In to have 2 high-earning members in a household. There are sacrifices to be made. You either both sideline your career to some degree, one sidelines their career to a large degree, or you rely heavily on childcare and both lose time with your children.