Secular inflation is here

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High Gas Prices Hit Demand as Drivers Cut Back at the Pump

Some have begun consolidating trips or taking mass transit in response to $5 a gallon gasoline

The oil companies need to be punished. Gouging at the pump, record profits. Newsom needs to be punished also. Even Biden is trying to assuage his guilt. All he should do is allow more drilling and pipe lines and help accelerate refineries construction. All stuff he won’t do. The Democrats set the tone, the refiners took advantage and tee all got screwed.

Since rents cannot get past certain percentage of the income levels of tenants (which is already the case), doesn’t this theory mean that prices need to fall so property tax and mortgage payments can match the rent. And fall pretty hard given the rapid rise in cost of land lording.

No no getting himself and his party members re elected is first priority, taking actual steps to reduce inflation will not earn them the votes. Easier to make moves that are popular and make voters FEEL like they are taking steps to ease inflation concerns. Par for the course for democrats


Btw, I should have used > instead of = to mean lead to.

Rent always less than PITI. So even if PITI is much higher than rent, doesn’t imply house prices would decline. PITI is based on standard 20% downpayment at current market price of the house.

Anyway, they can move to a smaller house or a neighborhood with lower rent.

I’m a huge EV advocate, but the supply situation is a nightmare right now. I don’t understand how much of it is due to increased demand vs pandemic era shutdowns/supply shortages. Ford recently came out with a similar article saying that they were being crushed by Mach-e cost overruns even though the margins were fine when it launched 1–2 years ago.

EVs are too expensive. Hybrids are half the price and provide nearly as good carbon reduction results. The rush to EVs is poorly planned and even more poorly executed.

I’m not sure what people expected. The materials to make batteries are rare, expensive to extract, and extracting them damages the environment. Oh, they’re also toxic waste at the end of their useful life.

Lithium production doubled from 2016 to 2020. It almost quadrupled from 2010 baseline.

Oh, and we have to import almost all of it. Environmentalist don’t want us to mine it in the US. It’s fine if it’s mined elsewhere and imported though. Logic…

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Nuclear Power Is Poised for a Comeback. The Problem Is Building the Reactors.

Countries have lost their expertise in building nuclear plants after shunning them for years

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There’s a WA politician running for national office with an ad:

  1. Middle-class tax cuts
  2. More middle class jobs
  3. Higher wages
  4. Lower prices

I want to know her secret to creating more middle class jobs at higher wages while lowering prices.

Politicians never run on the truth. Most of our problems are unsolvable. Nobody has solutions. And in fact no one wants to hear the actual ways to solve our problems.


more inflation, free money.

Increase supply of goods and services. The Reagan tax cuts and boom came amidst tumbling inflation.

Ease my ass, are they living in their own little world, shit still gone up a LOT in june.

Gas may have peaked but the full brunt of food inflation from less wheat production and sky high fertilizer prices has yet to be felt.
And I still see a LOT of empty spaces at the supermarket. My food bills have moderated some because half the stuff I go to buy at Safeway or Basha’s just isn’t there. How I long for chopped dates in my tuna salad again. You can’t really chop your own; it all sticks together unless chopped, dried a bit and lightly sugared.

Stay home and watch tv with @hanera and me. Help fight inflation! :joy:

We could easily solve food inflation. 50% of food ends up in landfills. If people stopped wasting so much, then demand would plummet


Most of the wastage from restaurants, right?