SFBA vs Austin

Something for @manch to chew on. TL;DR :hugs:


Should we move from the San Francisco Bay Area and the suburb city of Walnut Creek to Austin, Tx? And if YES to what specific area?

Ultimately, we are looking through the prism of “Standard-Of-Living & Quality-Of-Life.” And these two ideas while similar are NOT THE SAME THING!!!

What’s your response to him?

This guy can talk in details. After reading, I felt his setup in BA is pretty good. Other than political view / environment, there seems like no reason he should be moving. He didn’t say what’s his Austin budget, but people on that forum make the assumption as same price as his Walnut Creek house. Even with that assumption, it doesn’t look like he can get what he wants with his 1.5M budget in Austin. He is in unique situation that he can maintain same income level as BA, but others are not lucky like him.

I poked into some of the zip code others are suggesting in 1.5M budget.

I wouldn’t mind living in this one and pay for it, if I am living there: https://www.redfin.com/TX/Austin/1305-Foxcroft-Pl-78746/home/31208874

But when I look up elementary school for this house on Greatschool, Asian population doesn’t get registered in the race / ethnicity pie chart. It is packed under 6% others (I think), and that seems like a deal breaker for me.

West lakes is white paradise :hugs: and goes to EISD.

Asians are mostly in North Austin/ suburbs go to Westwood high or Vanderbilt high.

Is really hard to find all en-suite bedrooms, for his case 4/4.5. I was looking for such houses and settled with 4/3.5 :hugs: IMHO 10000 sqft lot is too small if he is thinking of single story, my guess is double story.

For his political fears, all I can say that the days of left or the leftist political dominance in California or the bay area is over, or near over. If he stay puts a bit longer he might find raising his family in centrist or right-leaning political culture. Think about it. Who, in 2015, believed there will be a Republican president in the White House who will upend the American politics in a manner never foreseen. That might be better for his children to grow up among a bunch of lefties but living among right-leaning people in the latter part of life. Political Culture changes very rapidly when the time comes.

I need to come visit you :slight_smile:

Why pay over 1M and still don’t have a pool?

Weak distinctions. The guy who posted is just consumed by politics. Strangely he lives far out in Walnut Creek but bitched about traffic to SF. What gives? Anyway, live wherever that makes you happy is my motto. If you want to be among rightwingers go where they are. Bay Area is not for him. He mentioned he’s a Jew. Be careful is all I can say. Not everywhere is as welcoming as BA.

If you truly believe in your “it’s a new era!” theory about permanent WFH for all tech companies, why even bother moving to Austin? I thought the appeal of Austin is that it’s near many tech offices and Texas doesn’t have income tax. With the new WFH paradigm why not move to Florida? At least they have beautiful beaches to go with the heat?

A person might be able to earn by working from home but would still need a real community to meet social, educational, and cultural needs. At least, I cannot see that far out where a person would never need another person, and all needs would be fulfilled by touching a screen and watching a terminal.

Because Florida is gross and only filled with old conservative people…the culture of the people living in an area is important too - Austin and FL very different in that aspect.

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Miami has way more culture and diversity than Austin will ever have. Did I mention the beach?


Miami vice :smiling_imp: Time for a 7x7 vice.

Both Florida and Austin have horrible weather. The heat and the humidity is oppressive and you can never get away from it. I met people from Florida that actually came to Texas to escape the summer heat.
I don’t think most Californians can take the weather in the old South. It was 85 in Tahoe yesterday with no humidity and my wife demanded we get AC. But by 8pm it was 70 and by 5am it was 50… would never happen in the South.

Yes it sucks (the humidity in Texas) but I’m sure you get used to it - I’ve been away now for 12 years and when I go back home I can’t remember how I lived that way but at some point I did so I would think after a period of time your body would adjust?

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Obama won Florida both times. The major cities are full of young people like most major cities.

With global warming, why would people move to the south of all places?

ranks Austin at number 9 in its list of cities that have had increases in heat indicies 90 degree Fahrenheit or higher days in the last 40 years.

Austin now has just under 22 more days that feel like 90 degrees or higher every year than it did before 1979.

It’s hot, and getting hotter.


yes I’m not doubting there are young people there - that statement was an exaggeration. it’s just not my scene and comparing Austin and FL is just two completely different cultures.

Most pro actually don’t believe in global warming. Even Obama has a ocean front property. I am covering my bets living on the water at 6200. No issues with sea level rise. And no temps above 90 degrees

The political leaning of people is not dependent upon their age. I have seen several political gathering in Bay Area. All of them are old people still believing in democratic party of 1960s.

People change their political affiliation till about the age of 40. Very rarely after that. Old people can be found in all parties.

Many conservatives voted for Obama because they wanted to give him an opportunity to heal the racial divide.

Adding this note since cannot post more than 2 successive posts:

I personally feel Bay Area is about 10 degree cooler for my taste. SF near ocean feels like Siberia I like to sweat a bit, and enjoy heat. To me heat becomes little uncomfortable only after 85 F. I will not even turn on an AC till that temperature.

Further more weather outsides means very little if a person spends all day inside conditioned building and then moves around in an AC car.