Silicon is the New Oil

AMD is also affected.

The U.S. is bringing chip-making home. Is California ready?

What the $52.7 billion CHIPS Act might mean for the birthplace of technology


How low do semi stocks go on the latest China ban? I’m thinking there’s at least 10% more downside.

Intel and the $1.5trn chip industry meltdown

Thank the boom-and-bust cycle—and America’s government

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It’s good to see we are repairing the relationship with China and not rather isolating them. /sarcasm

TSMC: the Taiwanese chipmaker caught up in the tech cold war

Washington wants the company that dominates semiconductors to move more production to the US but Taipei is resisting

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Jensen showed up in some random livestream of two girl gamers. Guy is really easy going.

True that! I got a pic with him too. But so have a million others lol!

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Berkshire holdings: