Silicon is the New Oil


BTFD! :rofl:


Low enough?


Tsla is low enough… :rofl:


and getting lower… :smiling_imp:


Worry about yourself. Your Silicon stocks aren’t doing too hot either :rofl:


Obviously my short-term count is invalid. Now we need to know how low would NVDA go. Surprisingly still above lower trend line. Better hope that it won’t break below the lower trend line over the next few days, otherwise, more pain :sob: for manch. We are talking about sub-$100 :scream:


Drop drop drop like a rock!!! :rofl:


That would be great because I closed it today. :smile:


Rise rise rise like a phoenix!!! :rofl:


Jim Cramer bashed NVDA. Jim Cramer: Wait to Buy Nvidia, It Could Still Go Lower

To get a real bargain when a company does a pre-announcement, wait until that stock to take out its lows before buying. Otherwise, pass on that name.

That is buy below $125.


AMD reports after the bell today. Will get a fuller picture.


Oil is bad :sob: So is solar :cry: Electricity is also bad :frowning: Think I would eat drugs !




That’s something @manch definitely wouldn’t invest into because their product is only for old and sick people.


Jim Cramer sold NVDA above $200, and now waiting patiently to BTFD but feel is not low enough. He prefers retail investors like manch and is angry with impatient investors…

…approaching the situation clinically: It’s a broken stock, not a broken company and it is time to do some buying… do not care whether they pay $128 versus $138.

He insisted that…

The decline that we saw in Nvidia just wasn’t deep enough, wasn’t rough enough.


… want that stock to take out its lows before you buy.

Believe him then wait for NVDA to decline below $125 or join the impatient at current price which is $7 above the low of $125 (less than 10% is pretty good).


How about wait til it hits $100? What’s so magical about $125?


$125 is at the most common retracement of $61.8%. $100 is possible since it meant closing the gap :slight_smile:
There is a huge congestion between $95-$120 :slight_smile: It is extremely rare that a stock would break below that unless black swan!!! Did you see any in the distant?


I think it’s already well established my timing skill sucks.


Assuming you plan to buy 1000 shares, can start with committing 10% now with a short put(Leaps 2020 $110). Short another put if it declines below $125. Another one at $115. Fourth one at $105. Thereafter, decides to long underlying or long calls (Leap 2020 $100) :slight_smile: whenever you feel comfortable. Please note that your purchase price is below $100 for sure. There is absolutely no need to wait patiently for NVDA to drop to $100s :slight_smile: Short put is the SOP for buying rock solid companies with broken stocks. I think WB uses this approach… couldn’t verify… hearsay.


AMD is doing just fine. Seems NVDA just has itself to blame. It miscalculated the launch of its new GPU and underestimated the drag of cryptos.


Doesn’t matter. Semis move as a group.