Silicon is the New Oil


NVDA is exclusive fall by demand reduction. I do not follow AMD (but noticed the jump). Looks like MU is the real leader of Chips.

There are good dividend candidates like LRCX and AVGO. I try to watch/follow these two dividend payers alone, but do not own it now.

I prefer any company with 3% or more dividends so that I can hold them in case of down trend too.


@wuqijun, I am jealous of manch manages to buy into XLNX and AMD cheap.



Don’t be jealous. It increases your blood pressure and shortens your lifespan :smile:


Why jealous? It is individual understanding, Risk and reward, that is all.


Silicon is doing very well. Rotten INTC is doing well too.


Memory chips are re-bouncing :slight_smile:


:ok_hand: Still fairly cheap :slight_smile:

Visionary is hard to find, one in a billion :pig:


The visionary was why the chip and not the display, memory, battery, or any of the other industry standard components.


Only 3 companies in the world can make the high performance DRAM Apple uses. One of them is their mortal enemy: Samsung.

Batteries too is not a commodity. If it is Tesla wouldn’t risk their balance sheet building battery factories.

Jobs didn’t know exactly what Apple will do with its chip design expertise he bought. Just the belief that it’s good to control key technologies going to his product. Tim Cook has been far too timid.


Was thinking along this line. Also can move the HQ to Austin :joy: building the supply chain for future healthcare/ AR products.


Semis continue to roar. Briefly considered trading SWKS for earnings, pause. Damn! Up 12%.
MU 5% green. NVDA 3% green. My semis are doing very well :slight_smile:



STC 10 calls. Whopping 278% gain from Jan 22. Riding the remaining 10 calls.


Not interested in knowing any gain under 100k.



ADBE has hardware platform to sell? Thought is a cloud computing company. Or just trying to taunt AAPL?

  • He urged the company to create tools for new areas beyond traditional screens like PCs and phones, highlighting opportunities in both voice-controlled devices and immersive AR and VR environments.

Meanwhile: Parasnis said it will be ARM-based chips that deliver those gains, not Intel, whose processors power all of today’s Macs and most Windows PCs.

  • At the conference he showed a logo that said “ARM Inside,” a play on the Intel Inside logo that adorned computers for years.
  • “I believe we are firmly entering a world of ARM inside every device,” he said.


He’s saying in order to win the AI war it may not be enough to just do software. They may need to do hardware as well.

The first cloud royalty to have silicon ambition. Expect others to follow suit.


This will mean cloud companies need to be big enough to afford the investment in order to compete. If not, they’ll be pushed aside or have to be acquired.


Paraphrasing SJ? To do software well, you need to do hardware. Tell him to be original.

ADBE is slow. Other than Apple, Google, Amazon and Samsung, Chinese companies like BIDU, BABA and Huawei have started making AI chips. Can’t remember whether TCEHY joined in.


SJ stole that saying from Alan Kay. Key insights are rare. Copying is good for progress.


MF pumping GOOG, NVDA and MU. Sorry, @manch, AMD is not cheap.

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MU almost hitting counter-trend target/ 200-day SMA, one last hurray before Mar 1 (the fateful day!). Regardless of the outcome of China-US talk, it would result in a down wave! Could re-test Christmas’s eve low but doubt would establish a new low, that is, don’t think recession would occur in 2019, more like 2020. With Fed pausing, inverted yield won’t occur till mid-end of the year and recession starts few months later. So is at the further end of what @Jil forecast.

Expanded chart,
If my read is correct, would rally to $50 :star_struck: by Mar 1 :fearful:. It may cracked at $45-$46 :sweat:.
Read is invalid if next week drop below $36 :sob:
Bet 30 calls for it to hit $50, wish myself luck :pig_nose: