Silicon is the New Oil

Someone should tell them that becoming an engineer requires math skills. It might not work to dumb down curriculum in the name of wokeness and equal outcomes. We need smart people taking difficult math classes. We need to realize not everyone can pass those classes, and that’s ok. We shouldn’t remove them from curriculum so students who can’t take them feel better about themselves.

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as someone with two kids in the school system i have so much beef with how CA runs its schools.

That’s with property taxes that are lower than CA and no state income taxes.

I’m sure someone will lookup the property tax rate and claim it’s higher. The rate is paid on 25% of a home’s assessed value.

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Even though plenty of people are cheering for Nvidia, I don’t see many cult fanboys of Nvidia. I guess it’s because Jensen is just not a super charismatic guy like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk. He’s also not a white man, so I guess people assume he worked hard to get to where he is instead of being a born genius. He also doesn’t go around saying “insightful” things, and I challenge you to recite a Jensen quote without Googling.

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@manch is not color blind?

NVDA is not a consumer product company. Both AAPL and TSLA are consumer product companies.
How do I show off my GPU to my friends?
Easy to show off my iPhone and Model S3XY.

Well you can also compare with the PLTR cult. Plenty of fanboys call Karp their daddy. Karp is also going around saying outrageous things. 10x a cult leader than Jensen, who goes around Taiwan eating hawker food.

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I clarified your confused thought. You make another confused thought. I am not here to help you think clearly.


Software is eating the world, but AI is going to eat software.