Silicon is the New Oil


SoftBank Reveals $3.6 Billion Stake Sale in Nvidia By Vision Fund


The Korean Japanese is wise or dumb? Did you buyback after the rout?


Got stopped out of Nvidia last month and currently in the wash sale wait period. Will check it out again early March.

Son is Korean? I thought he’s Chinese? He got lucky once with Jack Ma and didn’t do much afterwards.


Can buy back if you think is low enough, no need to wait for wash sale is over. Alternatively, you can short puts (expiry date is >30 days) or long the equivalent (long call short put) or long calls.


I think waiting for a month is healthy. Lets me step back and look at what I got wrong. It’s still a long way off from 52w high. No hurry.


Closed all short-term position.
Holding 3 short puts(L20 $130) and 12 NVDA (dimsum portfolio).
If dives after earnings, long calls (L20). If rallies, enjoy the free put cash.


March 1st, hmmmmm, S&P (I repeat S&P) rally will not long last that much…


Sell, sell, sell :flushed:


Sell all your Aapl holdings and post your settlement proceeds here for validation.


Jumped after I closed.



Ahhhh, I escaped from blame, right …:rofl:


New Oil are rallying again!
Blame @Jil for telling me to sell NVDA.
Praise myself for buying MU calls. 128% over 2 days, keep doing this, I’ll be rich :slight_smile:
Laugh at @manch for owning XLNX.



Let me see how you react now. Not only NVDA will be down, but AAPL also, Sell, sell, sell all your AAPL. Am I like WQJ now? :rofl:


Sell sell sell your Aapl!!! I want to be the only person here with any stock left :rofl:


@hanera, we both double voted to sell your AAPL, more consensus here, How do you feel now? :rofl:

If you listened to me for NVDA, you should also listen to AAPL, right :rofl:


After IRBT, my biggest winner is MU, bad news, more bad news, even more bad news! always yield exceptional return. Coulda, shoulda, … buy more :hugs: Below is why I like options, caught the momentum, return is insanely high for a low capital invested and don’t run the risk of margin calls.
Risk profile of long call is limited risk (amount invested), unlimited gain (as of now, 150-300%! over very short time). Margin like those use by @manch is unlimited gain, unlimited loss.


Today afternoon you will appreciate me! NVDA will likely sink ( pure speculation )


I could have sold now for a lot more! That is why I don’t like to have too many tickers, not fast enough to make decisions and quite often forgot what were the original decisions :hugs: My original decision is to sell today not Wednesday. Somehow… my brain is crazy… I actually cancelled the GTC and closed them… wtf… got conquered by emotions.


No doubt, I could speculate today only not before, unfortunately.

Any way, future is speculative one no one is 100% correct


Silicon continues to do very well!


My estimate target is $157-$162… and have set GTC to sell at $159… not sure what has gone through my brain on Wednesday… hard to control the human brain… cancel the GTC and execute close all. Human brain sometimes behave weirdly.