Silicon is the New Oil


The bull case for AMD is simple and clear: TSMC’s process leadership. AMD will be the x86 supplier with the best process. That used to be intel’s role.

Ignore everything else. They are just noise.


Bear case for AMD: it’s led by a Taiwanese woman.
Bear case for NVDA: it’s led by a Taiwanese man.


Focus on strong and consistency in profit history, dividend etc, like XOM, WMT, AMZN, NFLX if the profit margin is low. If profit margin is above 15%, it is healthy to hold long.

If the companies are not making profit or small profit, hiked interest rate, economic impacts heavy on such low margin companies that results stock value down.


Isn’t market moving away from x86? to ARM?


Transition will be slow. AMD only has low single digit market share in servers. It can double and still has only 10% share. Plenty of room to grow.


Whatever happen, semis win :slight_smile: Semis are safer than cloud?
Thinking aloud: Should I replace TSM with AMD or XLNX?



Both semis and cloud are yesterday’s technology. EV and autonomous driving is your future.


No semi no cloud >> no ev no av

Jim Cramer: The Semiconductors Break Out

The semiconductor sector is the ‘surprise insurgency’ of 2019, Jim Cramer says it’s a rally that wasn’t supposed to happen and the group has legs whether or not the U.S. and China can agree on a trade deal.


Jim Cramer is always after the facts, when whole world knows the facts, he just run summary :rofl:


The whole world knew? Only XLNX established new ATH. Well known semis like MU, NVDA and QCOM are still below 200-day SMA. CPU like INTC and AMD are above 200-day/ 50-day SMAs.


In another thread you asked the question “@manch can you tell us earlier!!! What is the point of telling us after AYX has jumped 5x over 2 years. You want us to FOMO buy?”

Jim Cramer is summarizing everything once the facts are known to outside. What is the point of referring Jim Cramer statement?


Around Dec/Jan, Jim said buy before it is confirmed. He is following up with those comments. You want him to quote his past remarks to have legitimacy?


Article recommends NVDA and TCEHY :grinning: NVDA is clearly a good long term stock but is it low enough to buy it big time? Why not AMD, replacing INTC as the go-to x86 processor and GPU play?


Let me see whether I am right or Jim Cramer is right. If he is right, I will keep quiet about him in future.

Remember my old statement Market turning point is 2790 to 2815 and is unlikely reach 2850 (S&P) in next 30 days.

Mr.Market is in peak and about to turning downside, but Jim Cramer is telling this.



After @Jil put up the challenge, market panic! Sell silicon!



What if tomorrow goes up. it can happen. It can also go up by end of day.
Market may UP or down daily, but I am not focusing daily movements, but focusing next 30 to 60 days.


Buy on rumors sell on news. Cramer reports news. Short Cramer.


Cramer is totally clueless.


My buddy’s three year old thinks he is hysterically funny. My wife leaves the room when he comes on. Can’t stand him


Cloud analysis :wink: of NVDA.
abc > new low
i-ii-iii > BTFD