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Nothing guaranteed,future is always challenging, but here is my prediction!
Hmmm, very common retailer issue following the gold prices.

Old price may stablize or drop down in 7-10 days time frame.
Market will upswing bullish in 7-10 days for around 45-90 days timeframe until 4300.

This is the right time to enter bank stocks, esp good banks with good dividend yields better than any bills, bonds and notes.

If fundamental analysis is tough, feel free to pick up some bank which Warren Buffet owns last 1-2 years where dividends yields are higher. Assumption: He would have done enough analysis to protect his billions.

Someone made exactly what you said, but will cry in 2-3 months !

@marcus335 How do you think this is going to end? Does the Fed have to cut rates soon and will they?

A fed rate cut could have the opposite effect, scaring people even more.


Some one posted completely wrong statements and they do not even know how yield is working. When market sells any security (and it is going down) yield will increase !

Investopedia says

I think they at least need to pause. I hope they pause after march. They claim to be “data driven” and the data is getting ugly in terms of the economy crashing.

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It’s not a static thing where only one yield is moving. Both yields are moving.

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Print money still wants to lower rates mean more investors would sell USD into gold, bitcoin and other foreign currencies. USD would become toilet paper and inflation would skyrocket. IMHO, hike 0.25 say pause or just pause. No way Fed would cut.

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CS bond holders became bag holders. Also more liquidity from SNB:

And moar liquidity:

Keep hiking JPow. You are doing great!

OpenSea is a typical startup that certain bloggers are so proud of :expressionless:

I like all startups, or small businesses for that matter. They are all taking huge risks on our behalf to make progress for society.

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They paid $1B to buy a bank and were given $100B of liquidity? That seems like a sweet deal. No way anything can go wrong.

Hanera’s point with the video is that, increasingly, there’s no societal progress coming out of these start-ups. Think about it. Compared to HP or Apple or biotech is the current crop of firms really doing anything transformational?


He didn’t watch the video :wink:

You have to throw a lot of darts to have any hope of hitting anything big. All the great companies you mentioned are only obviously great after they made it. Sure many startups are garbage too, again, after the fact. The point is we need to encourage all sorts of startups to try. Silicon Valley is unique in this “just do it” attitude.

I don’t watch random video. The signal to noise ratio is far too low. I like to read instead. Most 10 minute long video can be summarized in a paragraph or two that takes less than 30 seconds to read. Maybe next time provide a written summary?

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Then you shouldn’t comment.

Anyhoo, your interpretation of “just do it” is twisted. You merely quote what people say about the SV culture without fully understood it in deeper level.

Don’t @ me and I won’t comment.


Almost everywhere outside of SV don’t embrace failures like we do, that’s why their startup scene never go anywhere. You can’t say I only want startups that solve world hunger or any other social good, however you define it. It doesn’t work that way.


Too tired to talk more. Parroting, SMH.


The start point should be people already understood/ aware of the SV culture, then make that comment. However, some people always think they are most knowledgeable and smart, start off with people don’t know anything, and respond with what is well documented and known. I notice some people from a certain place tend to behave this way.

Write your arguments clearly so we know what you are talking about. If you keep writing in riddles and have people guessing, or worse, engage in meaningless personal attacks then I don’t know what you expect.


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Stick to SVB.

The message remains: SVB has been funding startups of nature below:

No need to keep quoting well documented and well known SV culture to argue otherwise.