Silicon Valley Is Still The Place To Be


You know, when you literally own FU money like Mr. Lo does, why go with the toupee??? His son knows what’s up…money talks


Speaking of hillsborough I see millbrae is slowing down quite a bit. 1.4 or 5 can get you a decent house on the right side of El Camino.


See, so relatively speaking the Sunset has come up to close the gap… well Chinatown is Chinatown (oops, my bad…)


Yes, Sunset will zoom past Millbrae. No question about it. While some people are predicting Bayview zooming past Sunset, they failed to look at some other patterns…


God, @wuqijun, I knew you liked the Kool-Aid (as much as I do) but you are starting to scare me…:slight_smile:


@sfdragonboy why don’t you 1031 your Oakland apartment to a house in millbrae? Rent it for couple years and move down there to retire? You can eat at Ipoh garden everyday. shudder


Actually, I am considering that, but not Chinatown South. Maybe San Bruno hills…I am still leery of impending airplanes overhead though…


What?? You are leaving Sunset?? Oh my… :slight_smile:


I live up in the hill in san bruno and i don’t hear no nothing. well coyote howling , frogs … planes noise are not bad compare to coyote.


Just temporary for exchange purposes. Remember, I am under contract with that chicken wing place…:slight_smile:


Aaah, you can advise me then on the various neighborhoods of your fair city to buy in then. I hear Crestmore(?) or Rollingwood area are nice. What else? I want a fixer project in a good to great part of town.


My God. Really you are deserting SF for the peninsula? For me, it’s no way, Jose. Nothing in the peninsula is worth buying besides Menlo Park. But if you needed to do that might as well try Palo Alto. So, nothing worthy of buying.


No, just fake news…:slight_smile: We may move for a spell after securing an exchange property South of Fab 7x7 that is close enough that wifey wouldn’t mind driving into town for work. I just need BART. Once we live there for oh 2-3 years we sell the place and come home to the Fab 7x7. Who else would report on the Sunset? (sounds of crickets…)


Oh… so you are de-leveraging… Really? I thought you are a young gun… or at least young at heart :slight_smile:


Then why not Daly City near the Westlake mall? It’s equally foggy just like the arctic sunset. You won’t get sunburn. :sunglasses:


You know, weather is so bad in the Bay Area we don’t have much of a choice. It’s either arctic sunset or Saharan everywhere else. Poor, wretched Bay Area dwellers…


Funny, you mention that. Wifey thinking that too and yeah could be another area to look at. I spoke to a 1031 exchange expert today. Said yeah, should be no problem if I can actually get both ends of the deal somewhat coordinated. Easier said than done of course but will try to.


My god. Daly City. Really??? :slight_smile:


Unfortunately we are in our early 50’s. My wife honestly looks like she could pass for low 30’s though…


Well, again, just for exchange purposes. We really don’t want to be there or anywhere than Fab 7x7 but we want the exchange to be as painless financially as possible. Short term deal. Chinatown is the end game…