Silicon Valley Is Still The Place To Be


I have list of 173 listed bay area companies to monitor in my google portfolio and finviz screener (163 only here) stored for easy review ! Maximum, I follow 40 companies and invest around 20 companies.


Hmm. That means Seattle has 40% of big five.


200M for one year. Not bad huh?


Wouldn’t you poor guys envy him?

Oh, the insult! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well, at least in The Big Apple, one can have a 5 star meal at 3 in the morning…


Most startups fail. That’s why you need hundreds per year to have a few that end up being noteworthy.


NYC is a den of thieves. .Newyorkers are good at stealing your money, ala Madoff than actually producing anything…Madison ave, Wallstreet, Broadway …NYC is all about hype. .
They hate Silicon Valley, don’t understand it…just jealous…Want to get in on the action, but don’t have a clue


No. However, I think Tim Cook is underpaid (less than $10mil per year which is about what Oscar Munoz earned) and Mayer Marissa is overpaid.


Cook is mostly paid in stock though. He got $1B worth that vests starting in his 5th year as CEO. He should be vesting $400M+/yr now.


If NYC should fold, Austin and Dallas didn’t even get started:

I don’t understand why folks here are so bullish on Austin. It’s never going to be anything big. Bet on Seattle instead.


You’re measuring using one attribute.
Which one worth more?
A hen laying 100 eggs per month or a chick from a species that is known to lay 888 eggs per month?
100 years ago, what is the psf of land in SV? Who would have thought an Apple and Apricot orchard known as The Valley of Hearts Delight would become SV?


Porsche wants in!!!


Come on, when did Hillsborough become a “staff housing” area??? Wow, maybe you are right @Jil, the Valley giveth and giveth some more…

At the high-end market, there is the low and high-end and there is the middle, “which is stuck because it’s the middle.” There is a lot of money in Silicon Valley and there are people ready to spend it, said the real estate consultant. She noted the wealthy neighborhood of Hillsborough would not be considered by many top executives because their subordinates, the junior tech people, live there. Atherton and Woodside would be more their choice.


That’s just code word for too many Asians. Told you Yan Can’t Cook is bad for business.


Well, who is more annoying???


I say The Perm is more annoying!!!


Mr Plastic Hair used to own Hillsborough real estate. Is he still the king there?


That, technically, I don’t know. I am assuming so…or I will plead artist creativity defense


I have met Stanley. .Perm, elevator shoes. Looks like an Elvis impersonator. .Has the whole family working for him…even his son the doctor…Allegedly Taiwan mafia roots…done of a lot. Development of Skyfarm, office buildings, involved in Taiwan airlines…Pretty amazing accomplishments…


My doctor’s office is next to the Greenbanker’s building. His building is the opposite of fancy. Looks like a dump. But that doesn’t hurt apparently.

Where does Stanley live? I would have guessed Hillsborough. His office is right on the border of Millbrae and Burlingame.


He lives in Hillsborough and a house in the Tahoe Keys, near me…See his son Max once in a while. .Max shaves his head…Stanley might be wearing a toupee, i think he is near 80 years old…