Silicon Valley Is Still The Place To Be


T-28 used to be decent but their quality has gone down hill in the past few years and sanitary issues have gotten worse.


and too much msg.


Gosh, this thread reminded me of hk food. Are there any good places for char siu fan or chicken rice (char gei?) in Bay Area?


Their menu is limited and some dishes lack flavor, but they appear to be cleaner than the other cafes FWIW.


O M G ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

I agree, this place better not get anything close to 5 stars on Yelp…

(No, no one better say come on been seeing this in Chinatown for years…)



I was shocked that one was 8-0.


In my wet dream, they go 8-0 against rent control…


manch here’s another one my wife found on some facebook group. Not sure if that’s really the tsui wah in hong kong or just stealing the identity, but they use the same logo as in hk.

I’ll go give it a try


OK @dioworld why don’t you give it a shot. I am flying back to HK this Friday. Will get to eat some real Chinese food for a change…


Are you planning on suing Delta?
We can give you some ideas. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


probably cathay pacific, they just layoff 600. Maybe going to further cut saving by mixing urine into your beer, recycle second hand used food . haha


So, that’s why that beer I drank in that plane tasted so salty and sour???:stuck_out_tongue:


I wanted to fly Singapore, but Cathay’s price was more than $100 cheaper. I am already dreading the flight…


My aunt ate there before and she said the food was bad…


ah… I’ll still go try it . But facebook people say it’s pretty good. These chinese cafe are very inconsistent, hopefully your aunt was eating on a bad day


Early in the ratings game, but this place looks promising in the Outer Richmond…



There’s some cool data in there. I lost all interest in the story.

Are startups really the source of job growth though? When Google went public, 800 people were millionaires. They already had over 2,000 employees. It used to take thousands of employees to create enough revenue to go public. Now it can be done with <100. Instead of making a lot of millionaires, they make a few really rich people. The money is even more concentrated in fewer hands.

Then there’s the fact 80% of the startups will fail. That’s not counting the vast majority of IPOs from the last 3-4 years that are trading below what they hit their first trading day. They are already having layoffs.


Corporations maybe down to earth when it comes to their beginnings, but giving them any amount of time, they will start to cut throats. They need to make more money for their share holders than their employees.

They are adapting, and with it, perhaps, the incentive to work for them. IPOs were the lure for smart techies to come to work for them. If that stops, what do you say? You are working for them, not me.