Silicon Valley Is Still The Place To Be


Lifted from that Wired story:

Don’t know how they count “tech jobs”, but Austin has around the same number of tech jobs as Detroit…


I bet they are counting IT people that work for auto companies. Warren is where the GM technical center is. GM HQ is in Detroit. Ford is in Dearborn. They are probably doing this by job titles not type of employer.


Finally finished the Wired article @sfdragonboy shared:

It’s a good read. This passage sums up my feeling pretty well:

“EVERYBODY ALWAYS TALKS about how they want to re-create the Valley, right?” Jim Deters, CEO of Galvanize, tells me one afternoon. “You can’t. You know, it’s so funny, ‘Silicon Mountains’ and ‘Silicon Plains.’ Shut the fuck up. It’s so stupid, because you can’t, you can’t re-create it. The density, the energy, the amount of capital, the amount of entrepreneurs. There’s nothing like it on earth. Right? I mean, it is the epicenter.”

Right. STFU. We are it. Look at how much we dominate and it’s not even funny.

I am surprised to see LA doing so well. It’s just a bit behind NYC but way ahead of Seattle and Boston. I still maintain Austin is no tech hub. If it’s a tech hub so is everybody else like DC.

Bay Area’s network effect is strong and getting stronger. We have the best talents and VC’s, so we have the best tech companies, which ensures the talents and money comes in. Self reinforcing loop.


What is a tech hub? A hub for startup? Is this a commonly accepted definition? So a logistics hub is one where there are many logistics startups?


What is a tech job? Only those tech guys working for startups and vendor companies are considered tech jobs? Those working in tech maintenance, information management, IT consulting and government departments are not considered having tech jobs? Is this the commonly accepted definition?


How do you objectively define “tech hubs” then? Austin is not among top 5 in either VC funding or number of tech jobs. Maybe I should have said leading tech hubs. We could have 10 tech hubs in the US and Austin can be No. 7 or 8.


Yes, the sound of a 2.8T neighborhood sounds nice!!!



The Force is so strong…





Congrats SV Owners!!!


While the whole area is increasing, the variance by county is pretty large.

“In San Mateo County - home to Facebook and Oracle - the median price of a home rose 17.8 percent year-over-year in May to reach $1,207,500; in Santa Clara County - home to Intel and Whatsapp - the $940,000 median was up 7.4 percent. In the East Bay - home to Netflix and Pandora - the median rose 3.1 percent to $732,000 in Alameda County and 6.5 percent to $575,000 in Contra Costa County.”

Someone better tell Los Gatos they are now the east bay according to this article.


Oops…sorry Netflix


WhatsApp? Shouldn’t the journalist quotes Apple and Alphabet? The two biggest employers in SV and their employees are driving the price of the houses there.


This article is Facebook centric :slight_smile:

What surprised me the most is that San Mateo county finally caught up with SF. Used to be the city always most expensive amongst the 9 counties.


In some ways, not surprising…the whole peninsula is becoming Gold Mountain


Old gold mountain is the name for SF in Chinese. So you mean this is the new gold mountain.


Yes, exactly. The whole freaking peninsula is Gold Mountain now!!! Makes sense, everyone from all over the world view this region (SV, SF, etc) as the place to potentially reap their reward just like some of their ancestors did with SF - Gold Mountain!!!

And theeeen, you have the Golden State Warriors here!!! Win, win, win!!!