Silicon Valley Is Still The Place To Be


Maybe he got sick of the Chinese food…


or not…


May be he is not as handsome as Eduardo Saverin.


I was shocked to see a partner at McKinsey leave the Bay Area to be CEO of a stereo in Michigan. The suburbs are excellent. Royal Oak is the funnest place I’ve lived, and you can buy a SFH for under $200k. Birmingham is every bit as nice as Los Gatos, and the downtown is larger. I still doubt I’d move back unless I was near the md of my career.



Interesting theory on why SV has succeeded: approach to non compete agreements


People are going to be in shock the day Uber brings out their self-driven cars. Thousands upon thousands of drivers will be looking for another venue to make a living.


Learn everything you can about fixing dams???


No, they will become landlords. :laughing:



Kansas? KANSAS? LOL! Maybe after they got rid of their ass-backward governor we can talk.


This paragraph is key. I have the exact same feeling:

One advantage cited by many local entrepreneurs, low costs, can actually backfire. “It might be a misplaced sense of comfort,” says Ajay Royan, the general partner at Mithril Capital who invested in C2FO. He believes the best entrepreneurs work with an intensity driven by the reality of global competition—a reality too easily lost sight of in a low-pressure, low-cost environment. “If you get comfortable with the fact that things seem to be going well in Kansas City,” he says, and don’t think beyond it, “that’s bad.”

People who came here are ambitious and know the challenges ahead. It acts as a natural filter. We are the big dog. Come if you dare.


(Was this the graph you meant to put up, @manch? :slight_smile:)


Why it is so difficult to replicate Silicon Valley.


even with the 50% haircut. Maybe the magic Asian pricing strategy will finally get this sold this time…


Wow! What a bargain! They bought it in 1997 for $6 million! Only a 100% appreciation after 20 years!


It seems a lot of luxury properties are taking massive haircuts in order to move… maybe the tiny home trend is sinking in finally


I worked with this couple in Los Altos. Bought this ugly ranch, took it down, built a mansion, all glass and stained wood. Spent $900K total, sold it for $7M or so.


Same with some client of my wife’s…gutted and remodeled a Fab 7x7 house to the 9’s. Got 1-2M MORE than he anticipated… geez, nice tax problem to have


I pointed this out quite awhile back. Obviously displays of money are horribly out of fashion. There’s a political and public opinion war on the evil rich. They are being more discrete about their wealth. I expect the trend will get worse with millennials.