Silicon Valley Is Still The Place To Be


Too bad for America. How to make America great again if everybody hated to be rich? :slight_smile: A country can only be great if everybody strives to become rich and successful.

Then again, I think most people are just being jealous because they are not the rich ones. The goal for them is still to strike it rich (lottery will never go out of business…)


Be rich, behave poor. What is the point in getting rich then? Search me if you’re a lady.


I wouldn’t say they behave poor but more upper middle class. Does anyone really need a 10,000+ sq ft house that requires a small army of staff to maintain?

Isn’t there more wealth now than during the dotcom boom? I didn’t live in the area then but weren’t a ton of people driving exotic cars? My coworkers would talk about how crazy that time was and how many Ferraris, Lamborghin’s, etc you’d see on the roads. How many of those cars do you see on the road now?


The in-car is Tesla.


The Tesla is way cheaper than those others which were $200k+each. Those other cars were horribly impractical too.


Like Trump, Ferrari is in the branding business more than the car business. .Think anout it, Porsche produces more cars in a year than Ferrari has ever made…less than 100k cars since 1947…Lamborghini has produced far less.
Retail and licensing is particularly important to a company like Ferrari because, in global terms, the company is a tiny car manufacturer, employing only around 3,000 people in its road car and race team. Remarkably, despite having been in the car building business since 1947, throughout its history the firm has only produced the same number of cars as Porsche produces in a year – estimated by the Italians to be around 100,000. As the company’s appropriately named licensing and retail director, Massimiliano Ferrari puts it: “That’s exclusivity; it’s a true luxury. When we talk about luxury, this is it.”

Personally don’t like Ferraris…Overpriced unwhelming rich boy toys that fall apart…Few will ever last 100k miles…Strictly a status symbol to leave in your garage, Like in Ferris Buhlers Day Off…


I signed up for Tesla model 3… that will be my next car.


Intel spending some dough…



That’s not at all surprising. It confirms the work done a few years ago on emerging super regions. The premise was there were a few of them, and they’d significantly out perform the rest of the country in job and wage growth.


Wait, I thought China was all that???


Mo money coming to the Bay…


Interesting Seattle is losing tech workers…and yettheir housing costs are going up


Did you see Le Ecco is already laying off in the US and selling the facility they just bought?


Yes, I did… but I am still considering their soon to be released new 85" tv with quantum dot technology. Just need the experts at to weigh in. Oh for you audio geeks, I highly recommend avsforum for that…


Pretty cool stuff…guess the start-up that they are referring to that totally upended the SV landscape? Gosh, I shouldn’t have sold all my Atari gaming equipment and games…


We keep coming back to this: the grass is not greener…period!!! (India or for that matter, any other place thinking it is SV 2)


Ok, hopefully you will be able to memorize all this for an exam next week…


Ok, @Jil, all your fav companies…


That weird, it’s wrong to call msft and amzn Silicon Valley companies, considering they are based in Seattle. Although msft acquired LinkedIn but still…