SILVAR. How Tax Reform will Affect BA Real Estate


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I said, read slowly, that the republicans, your party, (don’t lie, you act and look like one of them), are saying they are “taxing the rich” thus I was attacking them for what I, jokingly, called them commies when we all know this is attacking the poor. Cuts to healthcare, kid’s breakfast at school, no more HUD funds for whatever, but more special units being shipped to Iraq and Afghanistan and Syria, where we gave up that country to Putin, Iran and Hezbollah, thanks to Putin’s lover.

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The mortgage industry is panicking over a provision in the Senate tax bill that some analysts and trade groups say may drive small lenders out of the business.



No one is going to lose their health care as a result of the tax bill. Those who have to buy policies on the open market without subsidies have already seem their premiums skyrocket so it’s hard to see what Trump or the Congress could do to make things worse.
Few if any Trump voters are going to pay higher taxes. The vast majority of them don’t even itemize and so will benefit for the higher standard deduction. This bill is bad for folks living in high tax high mortgage blue states like CA. That’s not where Trump supporters live. Inasmuch it may serve to drive the few remaining conservatives out of here and into red states it may help Republicans be increasing the electoral advantage those states already have at the expense of states like CA.


We are currently renting and were considering biting the bullet and buying by April, when our lease expires. Now, we are going to wait and see how this plays out. All it takes is a few thousand potential buyers thinking the same way to start tilting the market… maybe? please? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

My question is, will this lead to more homes being rented out? As far as I know, the tax advantages of renting (depreciation, rental expenses, etc) are still intact… Due to prop 13 and since “the BA market always comes back”, if prices start to fall, owners may want to keep their houses and rent them out

I have detected a psychological shift regarding BA real estate in the 6 months I’ve been here… and I think it may have started before this whole tax bill stuff. When we arrived the sky was the limit. folks seem more conservative/realistic now…


Depending on where you are. In South Lake Tahoe people are desperate to find anything for rent. I have a asking price on an available unit in the market a couple if days It is already bid up 20%… The BA has a shortage of housing… Tax reform is not going to change that fact.


yes, I am just wondering about the evolution of the rent/buy ratio going forward…

if the appreciation party is winding down to normal levels, and incentives to ownership go away, the BA may become a place with even more prop13 rental houses that are paid for… The house we rent is an example. The house next door too.

Once the carrot of ownership goes away, all is left is the promise of appreciation, and you could argue that has run its course (at least at the rates we have seen for the last few years)


Right now housing inventory is very low and it’s very competitive to buy. I know a few cases of multiple offer in the past couple of weeks, over bid spread is 200-400k, and it’s higher than all the comparisons

I think price will continue to shoot up in the winter and spring. One year later, tax bill may start to have some mild effect. I would not over read the tax bill impact. It does have some effect, but it’s unlikely to cause a housing crash


Yeah the whole tax consequence may be slow like a slow leak… Same with values… Could take years to drop. But all the investors on here with no cash flow and unreal appreciation expectations may want to rethink their next purchase…


I am shocked you didn’t add for folks to call you at 1-800 ELT BUYS should they wish to get out now…:laughing:


There are always “reasons” to not buy. From 2009 to 2013, people weren’t saying don’t buy. The reason was interest rates were going to increase, and that’d cause prices to fall. The funny thing is home prices have never decreased in a year with an interest rate increase. Simple logic says higher rates means people have to pay less for the home to get the same payment. What they missed is rates only increase AFTER there’s inflation. We don’t get inflation without wage increases. That means by the time there’s a rate increase wages are already higher, so people can afford a higher payment.


Unless we have some economic correction like year 2000 or year 2008, we will not see any price down. In fact, if the economy is going crazy in 2018, homes will also follow.

Nov, Dec and Jan are the slowest month traditionally. Feb - Apr very likely increase as those are school registration months to get admission in fall.

Just 3% jump in home price means 30k which exceeds your current lease price.

If you seriously plan to buy a home for primary use, earlier is the better.


No home buyers left on this forum… Just investors. And it seems most have rotated into stocks

Just for shits and grins let’s do a poll.
Is any buying? Has anybody bought in the last 6 months.
Anybody buying in the next 6 months?


The minute this tax bill passes I am quitting my health care insurance along with rest of us 13 million being gouged by Obamacare. I suggest we all picket hospitals demanding affordable health care. The costs are out of control


Hmm, you need to buy some kind of health insurance, right? Without insurance, you can’t see a doctor. You can go to ER, but you will get a huge bill.

For a really huge of hospital bill, do they report to credit agency if you do not pay?

I think only the low income people skip health insurance. For an investor, will the hospital go after you if not paying?


You used to be able to buy a high deductible plan for true emergencies. Now all plans have to meet the Obamacare requirements, so they can’t offer those plans.


Not sure how you got the impression that the market cooled in the last 6 months? Prices have gone up at least 10% in the last 6 months in Fremont, Sunnyvale, and Santa Clara certainly.

If you are thinking of buying you should buy immediately. Even today, most buyers in the Bay Area will be under AMT for their taxes and hence cannot deduct state and property taxes. So the only thing that will be different for them is the reduction in mortgage interest deduction. That’s about $700-$800 per month loss in deductions. People buying $1.2M (median value) are not going to stop because of that minor loss.


So are you buying?
Is anyone on this forum buying?


When Obamacare goes alway I can buy true catastrophic insurance cheap. But hospitals have to take emergency patients no matter what. As far as other care I would rather negotiate with a cash offer… Or go to Mexico
Even with my Obama care insurance I just got a bill for $900 just for routine blood tests… Total rip off…