Singapore and gay

S377A has not been enforced for more than 10 years.

S377A would be repealed :slight_smile:
That is can have sex at home. Marriage is between a man (with a dick) and a woman (with a vagina). Court can’t redefine what is a marriage. Parliament can with 2/3 majority.

Singapore is the main beneficiary of Hong Kong and China’s steep decline. Good job.

We’re very opportunistic. Come baby come. We have planned for 150,000 houses :slight_smile: to deal with the surge. 10% additional houses from 1.5 million houses.

Since you worship LKY, this is what he said about China in 1993. He predicted China’s demise under Xi well in advance.


You like to put words in other mouths including LKY. He is advising you not to feel bullied and forget the past.

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