Site Maintenance Monday

Got a note from DigitalOcean. 18:00 UTC is 11:00 am Pacific.

Start: 2018-03-26 18:00 UTC
End: 2018-03-26 19:00 UTC

DigitalOcean is working to mitigate the industry-wide security vulnerabilities known as Meltdown and Spectre. As part of our mitigation efforts, we have planned an ongoing maintenance that will affect all Droplets in all regions. During the one hour window noted above, we will be performing reboots on a small portion of our fleet. This will result in your Droplets, listed below, being offline for the duration of the reboot.

We have dedicated all available resources to this maintenance to ensure your Droplets are back online as quickly as possible. We anticipate a maximum downtime of fifteen minutes for impacted Droplets, but expect most Droplets to be back online much faster. We are primarily performing this maintenance during business hours so we can maximize our available resources for issues that might arise and continue to maintain service levels for our users.

Too bad they picked Black Monday to do the update. So if you can’t get on this site, it’s not because I got margin call. Although I may… :fearful:


Sheet, I guess there is always work to do then…

Ohhh…will they tent the forum? :rofl:

I will be going to Tahoe on Monday too… so if you find the site off the whole day, no, it’s not because I got margin calls. :smile:


Sweet…hooking up with @Elt1 on a deal???

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No deal. No skiing for me either. Just let the kids have some fun and me watching the market on my cell phone. :fearful:

PM me. I can show you some deals, Manch. I am ready to pull the trigger on one off market deal. No stock market worries up here. BTW, if you prefer REITs look at MTN… Vail resorts. Has been a winner.
It just started snowing. Monday should be perfect. Fresh snow and sunny all week.

Ain’t got money for deals after the stock crash. :cry:

Is it just me who keeps getting error messages for accessing this forum?

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I am getting these errors too! I was just about to post this myself because I am getting so many right now.

@harriet it literally took me 10 tries to post that response!

@manch Houston we have a problem!

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I think it’s more like a rate limit - at least it felt like one.

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Nope, it was a real glitch:

Server Error
while trying to load /latest.json?order=default
Error code: 502 Bad Gateway

Something goofy happened on the DigitalOcean server. Something segfault’ed on me! :rage:


ERI also looks explosive.

Any other (recenter) resort IPOs?

You mean it’s not a premonition of your margin call?

10pm margin call? :scream:

Good thing I don’t trade futures or currency. :sunglasses:

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Ok, Fearless Leader, what is your Paypal account? We need some upgrades or maintenance done…:slightly_smiling_face:

he only accepts crypto.