Snap Bombed. Anyone Buying?

FB is eating their breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


“Snapchat’s user growth slowed to its lowest pace in years”

Twitter, cough, cough, Twitter. Going public when your user growth slows is a HORRIBLE idea. I wonder if more companies will go public sooner before growth slows. It’s a tough issue, since I’m sure they never think their growth is going to slow. Then once it does slow, it’s too late. You can’t command the crazy valuation without the crazy growth.

YR-YR user growth 36%
QTR-QTR employee growth 27%

That’s not good.


Will NOT touch Snap with a 10 foot pole. Already learned my lesson with TWTR.

But I think if you hold it long enough you will make money… at least that’s what I’m hoping with Twitter…


Might as well sell it and buy TSLA since you think it will definitely double. Holding on to TWTR and hold that it makes money is essentially an ego thing… don’t want to show loss… bad for finance.

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I can give 3 kudos to it ! I would not think of shorting SNAP today morning as I do not want to touch SNAP ! There are many better companies through which we can make money, but not with SNAP at all.


As expected Snap is a POS. Has poor execution written all over it. Silicon Beach? Bye bye.

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Its CEO got $750M bonus for taking the company IPO. That’s a very expensive IPO.

If the CEO believes in his company which he owns a large share, why bother with a $750M bonus?


The stock keeps sinking lower… Down 23% now

He’s already a billionaire by selling people stocks with zero voting rights. Of course he’s laughing.


It’s not an ego thing. It’s my philosophy to hold on to a stock for as long as I can. Once I bought it, that’s it. Will not sell.

I’m not selling TSLA just because it went up 800%. And I’m not selling TWTR just because it bombed 60%.

Also, I never said that I think TSLA will definitely double. If I knew for sure I would bet my entire net worth on it. But I don’t… :slight_smile:

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Aren’t those expenses including stock comp expenses from the IPO?

In another news that @sfdragonboy alluded to, YELP also bombed earlier today:

It’s a POS. Stay away.

YELP is different. It’s my ex-coworker’s baby. I have faith in him. I’m still up 40% as of today even though it bombed 20%…

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$2B of SNAP’s expenses were stock comp from IPO. What’s scarier is their non-GAAP EBITDA loss is double what it was a year ago. $188M vs. $93M.

Nothing surprising about that. The ultimate goal of any company is to enrich its own stakeholders, not to maximize profit at the expense of stakeholder gain.

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Reflect your life philosophy :smile: While that is true, carries too extreme would lose the trust of shareholders and the financial market, thus the “enrichment” would be short-lived.

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They usually work hand in hand. But make no mistake, stakeholder benefit always triumph whenever conflicts arise.

If I knew that much, I would have kept holding all my 600 TSLA stocks bought at $41 long before !

600 x 41 = $24, 600 :grin: I would have held on… like forever or there is evidence of misstep.