Snap Bombed. Anyone Buying?


That was my first stock I purchased after long gap after 2001 downturn ! This was my second start, almost 10 years stayed away, on stocks experience. Many of my friends suggested me to sell the stock when it reached 98, but I sold it around 128 partially and 198 partially.


Your friends are detrimental to your financial well being! However, I think friends are naturally detrimental to financial well being. If you want to be rich, stay away from friends :slight_smile:


and their revenue per user is also down. Every metric is in the wrong direction


Snap is back!! Up massive 21% AH.


Haha finally! I bought SNAP stock three times thinking it couldn’t possibly go lower…and each time it did. It dragged down my whole portfolio. In the end I sold it to offset taxes before end of year. I guess I should have waited!


@manch, dump all your FB now and buy snap!!!


Wear a sun glass too.


You know what? Snap up 48% today.

Pony Ma bought 12% of Snap last November. Smart guy.


An indirect investment is never as good as directly investing into it… :wink:


Other stocks rocking the after hours:

Yelp: down 7%
Tesla: up 1%
iRobot: down 20% !!


Um… Jeremy isn’t holding up particularly well but I’m a forgiving person and I have to forgive… :rofl:

It’s not about the quarterly results, it’s the perserverance that counts! :rofl:



Snap no longer bombing. @manch entering his FOMO phase… only a matter of time before he dumped all FB and switch over to SNAP… :rofl:


My preferred rule is invest in profit making companies, others are really speculative. I stay away from SHOP with this rule.


Then buy some blue chips…


I am indeed thinking about buying some SNAP. :smile:


And even though the CEO is a playboy you can care less.


He’s married now and supposedly settled down. I am envious and jealous of his supermodel wife but those take second seat to my FOMO. :smile:


SHOP was profitable (non-GAAP) the last 2 quarters. Practically everyone reports non-GAAP now.


Looks like I missed the boat !