Snap Bombed. Anyone Buying?


It’s still early for SHOP.


Currently down 8%. Sad thing is I don’t know what she is. :older_man:



Buy buy buy!!! :rofl:


A virtual NPC in a certain video game? A toy doll? Name of a special edition Elon Musk’s flamethrower?


Thought she’s an AI created by Facebook to destroy Snap… :smile:

Now she has the Kardashians as siblings but different last names, what’s the deal there? Maybe a millennial like @harriet can fill me in? :older_man:


The mother married twice, first to Kardashian and then Jenner.


SNAP DID NOT bomb for the CEO !! :slight_smile:


Well… at least they didn’t lose much. Highest price was $22 right? It’s now at $17…


I would buy TWTR(not sure if at current price), but not SNAP.


I’m still waiting for Twtr to shoot back up to my purchase price ($45)… :angry:




Alright apologies to anyone who has bought SNAP, it’s my own personal opinion & I might be proven wrong in the future.


Hmmm, I voted for you as I also think the same way.

The basic truth of the investment is identify the right stock at right price so that our investment has higher margin of safety (from lose) !

These trend may change after sometime. With current situation, Right or wrong, TWTR is better option than SNAP.

For example, I had a fight with hanera telling AAPL (Tim Cook) was wrong one time, but later Tim Cook changed the strategies, bringing iphone 6…the company turned around.


Whaaat you Donnoo Kylie and Kendall? They are heir apparent to the Kardashians…lol

Man you are living in a bubble…


Um… I don’t need to know anyone besides myself. As far as I’m concerned I’m the most important person there is and no one remotely comes close… :rofl:

(Oops sounds too narcissistic… oh well… :rofl:)


Yeah I am too old. And no TV either. :older_man:

FWIW these girls are not that hot either. Don’t see no reason to care.


Chinese guys usually don’t find fat chicks hot… :rofl:


Agree. I am w/o cable for 3 yrs now. Definitely cuts down couch potato time.


You have netflix? Chromecast? Smart TV?


None. Apple TV😇