Snap Bombed. Anyone Buying?


Why? because trump is the only reason twitter is being used? lol. i would believe that.


Twitter has weak user growth. They are monetizing better now. Trump is important for Twitter because that’s how twitter gained cultural relevancy. Otherwise nobody would have cared.


I remember in 2008 i was using in my tech circles (friends from all over the globe) and it was pretty hot and useful. It went down hill :confused:


What if Trump became “dictator for life” like Putin and Xi? :scream:


I thought you praised Xi?


:scream: :scream: :scream:


Praise him for what??? Did he give me a million dollars?


Dude i cannot decipher you.
You like “not taking tax deductions” from 401k/roth/etc, but you keep asking for a million dollar here and there…


That’s because the US government has been nice to me… They rub my back and I rub their back… :rofl:


CFO got ousted:


What’s wrong with the CFO?


Most likely scapegoat for SNAP’s downfall, or he sees no future in the company so he’s bailing out.


Great title: The Highest-Paid CEO in the Country Reportedly Decided to Fuck Up Snapchat All By Himself


I don’t take any news or analysis that uses the “F” word in its title seriously. Yes, I’m not even going to bother reading it.



market making the news. i don’t think it’s related.