Snap Bombed. Anyone Buying?


How about REbull?


Have all of them. I get HBO for GOT for a few months. But Still no CNN, no CNBC, or some other channel to scroll through. I am not glued to TV all the time as before.


Way to go @Roy321! We finally agree on something :slight_smile:



really? after 1000+ posts from me??? :slight_smile:


More bombs…

Down 15% to $12 AH.




I am tempted.


But the playboy!!! :rofl:


Yeah, so still on the fence. It doesn’t help that his wife is so good looking…


Not people’s fault that they look beautiful! :smile:


The ceo is actually traditional and believes in sex after marriage. Not a playboy.

Kerr described Spiegel as “very traditional” and said that he believes in sex after marriage.[21] In November 2017, Kerr announced that she and Spiegel are expecting their first child.[22]


Never said he was… I only took @manch’s word for it!


A guy that believes in sex after marriage made his billions with an app made famous for men sending dick pics that auto delete to women? That’a a bit odd.


Yeah, it’s a little suspicious. Does he believe in something he does not practice personally?


I believe in sex after marriage, before marriage and during marriage!! :smile:

Oops. The last one didn’t come out right. :sweat_smile:


Ok I looked at some Snap numbers. It’s really horrible. DAU only grew 2%. That’s probably the end of Snap as a cultural force. It will become irrelevant pretty soon.




SNAP was a fluke. You should have bought TWTR instead when it was $16.


Twitter is also horrible. After Trump’s gone it will come crashing down again.