Snap closes below $17 IPO price amid fears insiders will dump shares


So he has two concubines. Nothing to see here… moving on…


The trouble with being famous and rich is you can’t trust anyone…Look at Tiger…even the paid professional hookers turned on him…Might as well become a monk, or marry for life…


Uh, no. Why don’t you guys worry about yourselves first before concerning about other people. Like what’s for dinner when you are eating all alone next week :unamused:


Why not??? Who doesn’t like money and fame… :rofl:


I don’t know much about Elon Musk but he looks like an a-hole. In fact most high profile CEOs are probably psychos otherwise you can’t become one.


I prefer money to fame. Being famous is annoying and can be dangerous…


Um… there’s always a price to pay for money and fame… :laughing:


I also prefer to be a billionaire without anyone knowing… :rofl:


Fame leads to money most of the time, but too bad the majority of the people don’t know how to monetize it.


Fame leads to misery for most. Privacy is priceless. Fame means no privacy forever, drives many to suicide. Unless they are narcissistic idiots like Trump or the Kardashians


Yes some people are attention whores. They don’t want privacy.


Dang, we just care about your well-being @harriet. You know what they say about women after age 40… Besides, food situation is looking ok. Friends and co-workers are filling up my days as we speak. A former female co-worker whom I did have a lil crush on is having dinner with me next week. I had to pre-warn wifey just in case her friends happen to see us next week. This will be the longest period apart, so it will be interesting…


Didn’t you marry your wife when she was well over 40?


Yes. My wife is one year younger, but she does legitimately look mid 30’s. A former SF Mayor (married) likes her enough to say if he were younger and mutually single he would be after her. We have pics…


Sounds like an old sleazebag, but to be fair it’s not uncommon for women to get these comments.



The only one that counts is Newsome…none of the others was attractive…And he is a philanderer…Slept with his campaign managers wife…Wants to be governor and then president…Trying the Clinton Trump method…may not work in today’s prudish world…


Will this improve model 3 production?


At this point, anything will help…


Which again goes to show that even someone high fluting as Elon Musk of all people still needs a thing called LOVE… Hear that @wuqijun!!!