Snap closes below $17 IPO price amid fears insiders will dump shares


Why me again? I’m not opposed to love. I welcome it with open arms… :laughing:

On the other hand, you better start planning your last ditch effort to contribute to that gene pool before it is really too late… :wink:


Uh, wife is over 50… Not. Gonna. Happen.


If your hen can’t lay any egg, get another one. If you don’t want to ditch her, get an extra one. If she complained about it, surrogacy is also another option. Many ways, my friend :wink:


Hmm, let’s try this again since you are not getting it:

  1. we are both over 50 years old so we do NOT want to be old parents running around after a child…
  2. me likes me old wife enough to not want another
  3. despite #1 and #2, just passing along advice (good intentions anyway) to you young’ens to get off your computers to pop a few before you hit #1 and #2

End of story…


Yes sir! :laughing:






Cutting engineering staff is not good news.