Snapchat to IPO in March 2017


I feel that pop music is becoming whiter. Of the popular singers under 35, it’s mostly white. Black singers have been historically more talented, right?

Is the Internet less politically correct?


Anyone thinking of buying some IPO shares?


Where to buy? Probably not buy in the open market.


I wouldn’t buy any IPO until after the employee lockup.


No, there are still plenty of non-White pop artists. Just look at Billboard Hot 100.


Going by the shares of companies that IPOed last year i think plenty of good opportunities will show up after day 1. No need to rush…


Snap will find its place even with an ipo. A few users like its features. It will not last long and I expect someone is coming taking ipo $ and run…


Despite long lines to get a pair of Snap’s Spectacles near the end of 2016, enthusiasm for the product appears to have cooled, at least at the company’s New York store.

The store was initially intended to close at the end of 2016, but got extended to Feb. 19, according to a store employee. But even at its peak, the store never sold out of the Spectacles, they said. Since the beginning of the year, very few people stop by to purchase a pair especially during the day, they added.

Uh oh… not good…


Hell no


I haven’t seen anyone wearing the Spectacles in real life yet. I must be traveling in the wrong circles…


Hardware is more difficult than people think (especially consumer hardware). How many phones does google sell? Microsoft paid billions to buy Nokia and failed at phones. Amazon’s phone failed fast. Apps need hardware to run, and someone is going to sell that hardware.


I was standing in line behind two college girls. Boy they were snapping like ninjas. One girl did squeeze in 30 seconds of instagram but otherwise they were both snap chatting all the time. But I didnt see them “engaging with” any brands on snap though. So I doubt whether the advertisers get their money’s worth.



My highschool kid and her friends also use snapchat only.
What is so special about it?
As usual, i couldn’t get very comprehensive/convicing answer from my teen.


Nothing is special about it. Nothing is special about Twitter, Facebook, etc. either. It’s hot, has the user base, and when tastes change serious risk of being defunct.

(at least Twitter and Facebook are seriously entrenched)


From my observation Snap is for the raw, “authentic” stuff. Like that college girl in front of me just posted some random, pretty awful looking pictures of her surrounding. It’s not like Instagram where you at least try to make it look pretty.

I suspect teens will outgrow Snap. After a certain age you don’t want to talk nonsense nonstop with your friends. Also do boys snap the same way as girls? I can’t imagine…


I have not used snap. Any of you tried? Is it just a messenger for videos, photos and text?

I guess younger people like snapchat because the message will disappear quickly. Is it used for embarrassing pictures and videos?

It’s more like a messaging tool, similar to wechat, line, what’s app, but its short life of the message is unique.


Every generation use different messaging. During my time is AOL and some real time messaging, can’t remember the name.


Started off this way… cool down a bit.


My first IM was IRC. :slight_smile: