Snapchat to IPO in March 2017


I am so old my first IM is Unix talk! :sob:


I’m so old, we just said ones and zeroes in to tin cans


My first IM is face to face, person to person


The snap UI is embarrassingly bad. It seriously seeems like some drunk college kids cobbled it together over a weekend. That might be why it’s so popular with young people. The big thing is it’s easy to type text over your photo or video. That’s hardly an earth shattering feature.


Now I remember, ICQ :grin:



Non-voting shares…


Not worth !


Isn’t the value $30B? They have $400M revenue and their loses are higher then their revenue. The math is bad on this one. I think it’ll end up like twitter. Growth will stall long before the company grows into its valuation.


There are competitors. They are not the front runner. I’ll skip their IPO shares for now


Yes, exactly.

“The company’s net loss widened to $515 million in 2016, on revenue of $404 million, according to the prospectus filed Thursday. That compares with a loss of $382 million in 2015, on revenue of $59 million”

The company filed with an Initial size of $3 billion, a placeholder amount used to calculate fees that may change. Snap plans to raise as much as $4 billion in the IPO, people familiar with the matter have said, for a market value of as much as $25 billion.

I would not take risk on such IPOs as we have many good avenues to invest.


Good enough and convenient. That’s proved a winning strategy for Instagram’s clone, according to a dozen analytics providers, social media celebrities, and talent managers who told TechCrunch they’ve seen a decline in Snapchat Stories usage since Instagram Stories launched on August 2nd.

Most reported declines in Snapchat Stories view counts ranging from 15 to 40 percent, and a reduction in how often they or those they monitor post to Snapchat Stories. Meanwhile, our sources report rapidly growing view counts on Instagram Stories, and engagement-to-follower rates one social influencer talent agent called “Insanely f*cking high”.

Looks like MarkZ is again the winner. His Instagram buy is easily one of the best buys this century. And MarkZ is also cloning Snapchat into WhatsApp and Messenger. Genius!


Not going to touch this stock until I see what happens in the first 6 months. These are massive losses and in no way can you compare Snap to FB, at least not yet.


It really looks like MarkZ crushed them. Need to wait to see if they can rebound.


What’s a social influencer talent agent?


I had confidence on INVH, but not on SNAP !!!


Negative profit? I’ll pay -$50 per share


zephyr ftw


Now I don’t know what you are talking about… is that from the stone age? :smile: