Snapchat to IPO in March 2017


Sounds an awful lot like twitter.


Snapchat is like Apple pre-iPod. It’s innovative but pretty awful in management. Facebook is like Microsoft during that time. It’s a well oiled machine, not afraid to copy features, and do them better.

The outcome will likely be the same. Facebook will crush Snap. Time to load up on $FB. The threat of Snap is way overrated.


Already own FB in retirement and brokerage accounts :slight_smile:




Wow. I expect this to be the next twitter, fitbit, or gopro. It might have a nice gain short-term, since investors are starved for tech IPOs. Ultimately, the growth rate won’t justify the valuation and it’ll crash. My guess is within 12 months.


LOL: Trap…Trap…



8 times more than what Mark is willing to pay.


Who’s SNAPing this up?


I don’t buy until after employee lockup at the earliest. Honestly, most recent IPOs have disappointed over the last 2-3 years. I posted symbols of recent IPOs that are lower than 2 years ago in another thread. I think there’s more of those than there are ones that are higher.


Have not subscribed to IPO for decades.
Have not bought within 1 year of IPO for decades.


It is up at 25.18 ! I am inline with your take, never touch this stock. I can rather buy BRKB and sleep well for years !!!


Probably another TWTR. When the price is low enough Trump family will buy it.




So when would investors leave snap inc in drove?


I don’t buy it being a warning for the overall market. It’s honestly a repeat of twitter. It could be a warning for VC funding. There are a whole lot of unicorns and how many are profitable or even close to it?


Oh Snap!


I should have been more aggressive on that one. I didn’t want to get too greedy though.