So Long, California? Goodbye, Texas? Taxpayers Decide Some States Aren’t Worth It

The dynamic is affecting even states typically thought to have low taxes. Mauricio Navarro and his family left Texas last year for Weston, Fla. Neither state collects its own income tax, but Mr. Navarro was paying more than $25,000 annually in property taxes in the Houston area, he said. Texas ranks among the states with the highest share of taxpayers who pay more than $10,000 in property taxes, according to the National Association of Home Builders.

Filling out his 2018 tax returns helped motivate him to move with his wife and two children, said Mr. Navarro, who owns a software-development business.

“It was not that we were struggling,” he said. “It’s that we did some analysis.”

Mr. Navarro is renting but plans to eventually buy a home in Florida. He expects his property tax bill will be lower than it was in Texas.

Looks like @hanera picked the wrong state to move to… :thinking:

Property tax is preferred over statewide income tax because property taxes are collected locally and spent locally. They do not go to states general fund to spent on vote catching programs. There is lot of local control over how the money is spent. Anyway SALT limit of 10000 will force localities to minimize collection of such taxes ( as they will do to state wide income taxes in California and other high taxation states).

Houston is not Austin and definitely not representative of Texas. Houston is so far North.

$25k in property tax??? His house is worth $1M? What kind of shit house in Houston costs $1M? Did a check using Redfin, 350+ houses worth over $1M in Houston. Surprisingly, also over 350 houses in Austin cost over $1M. Stop staying so near to the downtown, they are run by democrats. Stay in the suburbs. Yes, I am not staying in Austin technically, staying in a suburb :slight_smile: Is like SV to 7x7 pond. Downtown is not good, typically have homeless, drug addicts, jammed roads, … and worse part, run by democrats.

Plenty of over 3000 sqft built-in SFHs with less than $10k property tax in the Northern suburbs of Austin. Buy those. They are near the tech and medical industry.