So, Was Helsinki Really That Bad?

Boy, I take a day off yesterday to do some work at the new house and “Hell sinki” happens?
What the heck is going on? Any Trump bandwagoners jump off this morning?

When you have even lost fox news, …

The only one that rated it positively was Sean Hannity. Even the hosts on Fox News were bashing the summit. Trump threw most american institutions under the bus and sucked up to Putin. really, really bad.

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Russians are so bad, let’s go full nuk war versus them. Let’s destroy everything in this planet.

It was so bad, the director of national intelligence (Dan Coats - Trump appointee) had to take an unprecedented step of making a public statement that basically said my boss was wrong and he’s full of shit after the press interview.

Yeah, Trump so suck, he should not even talk to putin, he should just launch a nuk on them and see what happen,

Dude are you trolling? No one said he can’t talk to Putin. What is embarassing is to throw your allies under the bus, throw your own people under the bus, and basically kiss up to Putin.

When your own party and congressional leads condemn what you said (see Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Jeff Flake, Orrin Hatch, John McCain, etc), it means something.

Yawn. To me, the DNC is still pissed about the hacking. They haven’t said anything published was a forgery. Even the 25 page report says there’s no evidence of forgery. It’s similar to people who got busted when Ashley Madison was hacked. The real problem is they were cheating not the hack. If you don’t want to get caught doing something, then don’t do it.

The official 25 page report is quite unimpressive. They literally site public comments by Putin and other officials as proof. If a government agency was covertly hacking and trying to change the election, don’t you think they’d publicly be quiet about supporting a candidate? Iran preferred Hillary. Does that mean Hillary is an Iranian operative?

All of this is brought to you by the FBI team with Strzok and Page on it.

This is allegedly a very, very serious crime. The FBI never even got access to the servers. They were given reports from a third party. Since when does the FBI not go directly collect the evidence? This wouldn’t even pass chain of custody to be admissible in court. We’re supposed to trust the same idiots that deleted 33,000 work related emails under subpoena and claimed they weren’t work related?

The FBI was given VM copies of the servers. This was reported. And the physical server is still around. The NY Times has published pictures of it. We all work in tech. The VMs are far more useful then the actual physical servers… so let’s kill that conspiracy theory from the pits of Fox News

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FBI got solid evidence, then do it. impeach him. and i’ll get opportunity to make money.

There’s republican, and there’s trumpian. They are supposed to be different but increasingly they are morphing into one.

GOP is losing entire generations by catering to the Trumpians. The old principled, “city on the top of hill” Reagan conservatives are dying inside GOP.

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I caught that Reagan speech again last night on CNN where he went off on Gorby… it gave me a rise… (oops can I say that?)

Uh, did you manage to have some fun while the wildfires were about, Fearless Leader?

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It’s not really wild. They serve 3 meals a day. My kids love it but no access to internet really eats into me…

Listen to Reagan’s speeches on immigration too. That’s the Republican Party I can be part of. Not this dumbass Trumpian one.

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fires, flames, firefighters… not referring to Bambi…

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Even Comey said it was unusual and not standard procedure. I’m assuming procedures exist, because they are the best way to deal with a situation. Why deviate when the stakes are so high? Now we find out the details of Strzok and Page who were key players in the investigation.

Also, I didn’t get it from Fox news. I got it from the 25 page report.

Let’s not forget these are the same agencies that gave us WMD in Iraq to justify a war there.


I knew her hearing would be GOOD. You know it’s bad when a lawyer tries to push out a hearing, because she needs more prep time. How much prep time does a lawyer really need? Of course, now the left will just pivot and say Trump’s a puppet of China and not Russia.

I’m not a Trump supporter(everybody know on this forum), however here is some thought on why he is doing what he is doing on Russia.

As far as Russia collusion is concerned let the truth come out.

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I am a nice person too.

Forget about it.

Fire is burning in California. Weinstein is too much a problem than Putin. Most of the time, people forget about important problems and waste their time on things they can’t control and don’t have access to.

It’s much more meaningful to fight anaginst strict rent control than wasting time

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It may be perhaps my rosy positive way of looking at things but this is just a battle in a war. Yes, we may lose a few battles at the beginning, but the goal is to win the war. I am hoping that if the rent control laws (in practice) become so draconian towards the owners that perhaps THEN a solid challenge might be sucessful enough that it gets to the highest court in the land. Think about it, rent control is not EVERYWHERE in the US yet. Sure, in big cities like NY or SF but still not everywhere. Imagine it being everywhere and then the outcry from all the owners who can’t raise the rent for right reasons, etc. When everyone, everywhere is feeling the pain, then it will get the attention it needs. Right now, no one really cares what happens in snobby SF or NY but what happens when it hits the smaller towns?