Solar Stocks (FSLR, SPWR...) anyone?

Don’t use stop losses. Losses are well defined for options. For long calls, what you put in is what you would lose max. Is not like you’re long margined stocks. Trading calls is much safer than trading margined stocks.

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True that! You guys are inspiration behind me trying to learn more to invest wisely.

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Thanks for all the tips guys!

PS: In my one year of playing with equities, but for my huge losses in solar, I would have made money. But then, with the way market behaved in last 1 year, it takes a certain amount of stupidity to be negative rather than positive :wink:

And I finally am net positive on my initial investment today with the gains in solar stocks. Hence the initial excitement and question on what others think about this rally.

When SCTY started rising after TSLA merger, I sold off all SCTY stock as soon as it converted to TSLA because I was beyond frustrated with my solar investments always showing red. And that obviously turned out to be a mistake since I sold off everything at par on my initial SCTY investment, while TSLA rose 80% since then! I am trying to determine if this is the right time to now book a small loss in FLSR/SPWR and reinvest in a better stock, or hang on to these stocks once they start rising. I am leaning towards cutting my losses and reinvesting!

Cut loss and reinvest in TSLA! I know it’s a hard pill to swallow considering you sold it when it was 50% cheaper… but I think TSLA has better potential than those other 2.

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Focus on the forest (net worth) not the trees (individual stocks/ houses). So long your net worth is increasing*, you’re doing fine.
*Strictly speaking is not good enough. Should be at least faster than inflation. IMHO, should be faster than the rate of increase of your basket of purchased/ future purchases. For stocks, minimum is faster than S&P index.

Stop giving people so much pressure hanera! :slight_smile: not everybody can beat the S&P500! Statistically it is impossible for everyone to beat it! At least 50% will underperform if not more.

Just because you underperform the index doesn’t mean it is bad. If you are still beating inflation that is good enough.

Many people lose money in stock market. Losing money is common

I think if you managed to lose money in the stock market in the past 8 years, you must be doing something very wrong… even a monkey can make incredible profit during this time by blindly investing.


Last 12 months is a bull market, someone still managed to lose some money

The problem is that monkey has a better investment return than half of population


SunPower: “It’s had a big run, but do not sell it. Do not sell it because this is the kind of stock, along with a couple of others that I follow, that will do very well over the next four years because Joe Biden is the most environmentally sensitive president I think we’ve ever had.”

Not selling.

After many years of underwater, SPWR finally is pretty GREEN. Two of the earlier purchase is still RED.

When it is deep down, did you buy or DCA? SPWR is good as short squeeze will happen soon.
Short float is 53% !

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I take as dead so didn’t monitor. Just casually glance through the ticker in Feb and buy some with whatever cash in the account. I wisely :exploding_head: bought VFIAX first.

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What’s better right now - SPWR or RUN?

Power of buy n hold. Finally very green 100% just like that, doing absolutely nothing. Far better than RE investment which require a lot of work, low return and has many liabilities. 10x to 100x from here would be nice :money_mouth_face:

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I have been burned by SunEdison, SPWR and FSLR before so exited all solar couple of years ago. Since I haven’t followed solar for a while, can you catch me up on why SPWR is better positioned than other solar stocks during Biden admin?

I have zero idea. What I know is years ago, SPWR is supposedly the best quality and technology. First Solar is the lowest cost. I was blindly holding on my SPWR, left4dead, is alive now is all I know. Not monitoring it, just find it funny that it has actually doubled now. My first buy of SPWR is still red. I keep averaging down till I gave up and just left the position there.

I used to average down my SPWR on the same belief of better quality and then over the years realized that FSLR was outperforming. Ended up exiting solar. Last year was really good for SunRun. Not sure if that’s the company to bid on with the expected boost to solar from Biden admin.

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Biggest cost of solar is installation labor. People won’t be encouraged to install because the labor cost is going up. Does not matter how inexpensive the panels are.


Hardly see any solar roofs in Austin :scream: Can current solar panels withstand occasional hailstorms? Because of the weather here, roofs would need to be repaired or even replaced after 10 years. Worthwhile to instal solar panels?