Some Real Estate Investing Advice

General stuff, but stuff worth remembering I think…

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Look at this is location perspective !

  1. Recession-proof your purchases.
    Along those lines, I look for the best values because I seek recession-proof properties.

Buy low, sell high. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That, is the preference. Some folks like to venture out on the ledge some, they buy high and try to sell even higher…

Buy low and hold.
Buy high and sell high.

Buy, low or high, and never sell.


Easier said than done…

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So, what’s in it for you? Gee guys! What’s the fun?

I had a bunch of stamps that were pricey, being greedy didn’t pan out. When I tried to sell them, the market wasn’t paying that much.

So, to me, being dumb on this topic, buy low, and learn to sell high when it’s required. Rinse and repeat. Ask ptiemann about it.

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Whole Foods sales are declining. I wonder if that strategy will continue to work.

My understanding is that WF is rethinking its pricing strategy now in order to attract more customers.


Whole foods is coming to South Lake Tahoe…I own an 8 unit building 2 blocks away…Cha-Ching

We already have 6 super markets for 25k people…like we need another one…lol

This was a Patel Motel that is totally run down…The Patel name is huge in the motel business. .Patels own more than half the motels in the US according to some sources…


Look for the developmental aspects of the place in terms of long term planning of government and other private projects. Look at current price of the land (it should not be too high).
Buy with a mindset of selling the property when it is the right time. Just keeping the property for a long period of time does not make it a very good investment.
Realize the right time of selling and find other property to buy with that money (better and bigger piece of land)

Please give an example to illustrate this approach.

Here in the Bay Area in the prime locations I don’t honestly know if one can ever come back after selling. You can, of course, but it will be more than likely more expensive to buy back in. Demand is just so freaking strong, coming from not only locals but international buyers.

@hanera you seem to have no trouble timing the Singapore market. Do you time the Bay Area market too? Is the Bay Area market more difficult to time than SG?

The return of the Singapore’s RE is merely keeping up with inflation because I didn’t know when to sell as what Jamesmabreydallas said, was just buy and hold. I think I learn RE from Singapore market. In any case, no time to monitor the RE or stock market then, once have enough money for downpayment, just buy.

First SFH bought in SV is decided by the decision maker, the second one bought in 2011 is timed by me - which I thought is pretty obvious is the time to buy - I recall the RE market is in doldrums waiting for a catalyst to buy (north wind), rumor of IPO of FB was the trigger decision maker agrees is the North Wind to buy.

SG market is easier because you only need to monitor government’s statement and policy on RE… some signs that RE in Singapore is bottoming or has bottomed. Government has started to remove cooling measures.

True. And I suspect the mainland China market behaves the same way. I am in Hong Kong now. I read a newspaper article on the plane saying SG market will rebound soon because the government is taking its foot off its throat. The article says Hong Kong people should study the trend and buy the low.

I feel like a poor country bumpkin in Hong Kong. Property market is insanely hot here. It’s true that buying property is the favorite local sports here, and the numbers are eye watering. And yet people just casually buy one, two or three at a time. Most buyers are parents buying for their kids.

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Cantonese people, especially Hong kongers, are the most materialistic and money driven people there is. manch should’ve just stayed in Hong Kong. He would’ve been 10x richer than he is now.

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Nah. I can’t compete here in HK. Too tough. I need a slower pace of life.