Some Real Estate Investing Advice

More good general information to consider when thinking about real estate investing…


That article is more suitable for novices. Us veteran investors who own multiple investment properties don’t really need that kind of advice anymore… it’s like someone trying to teach you how to drive when you have already driven for 20 years…

This author is writing about my ideas, which I argued a few days ago. Economists are understating the benefit of homeownership and investment property. I’m surprised by such a mass bias on such an important asset by so many supposedly educated economists, including Nobel prize winner Shiller.

Is this bias driven by Wall Street money? Or just an educational brain wash? I understand that stock investors pay for the research funding, not the mom and pop homeowners and landlords

  1. Location Matters
  2. Look for Wholesale Properties
  3. Understand the Tax Benefits
  4. Check Your Credit Report
  5. Use the “1% Rule”
    Real estate investing offers the potential for fabulous returns. However, people have also bankrupted themselves investing in real estate. Be sure that you know what’s involved before you start.

Another buy vs rent debate for owner-occupied favoring the buy decision which most bloggers here agrees.

Good list, sumit, but I don’t think the one percent rule works well here in the Bay Area though…

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Where were you before the bubble popped last time? They would have called you so many names. :laughing:

Again, must I remind you that we are not a closed community forum for seasoned veterans of the RE, stock and chinese food eating world only. We welcome new voices, newbie or not. Yes, we are very, very fortunate to have some pretty darn experienced folks on here like yourself who can chime in and provide direction to lost souls. I post anything and everything I see that could help anyone at whatever stage they are at.


At this point in time, doubt there is any 12%+ cap rate (which I believe based on wrong assumptions) anywhere in USA.

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Your children will appreciate that!

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The older version of you will appreciate that.

I was thinking if you sell one property and use the money while you are still young enough to enjoy it, it would be better.

The more recklessly you spend away your money while you are young, the more you suffer when you grow old.

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But you do have a point… my uncle saved all his life and wouldn’t spend money even on toilet paper. He passed away painfully and all his money got transferred to my cousin who is now a multi-millionaire enjoying the lifestyle that my uncle never would.


[quote=“wuqijun, post:34, topic:2413”]
… my uncle saved all his life… passed away… all his money got transferred to my cousin who is now a multi-millionaire enjoying the lifestyle that my uncle never would.


Yes. However my uncle is just a very miserly person. He was very cheap to himself. He is the type who has millions in net worth but waits in the Salvation Army line to get some toilet paper. I don’t think he had his son specifically in mind but it just turned out that way that the son inherited all the wealth and spending it away lavishly.

Life-work balance, not work-life balance…

Why else am I thinking about selling my 4plex?

Sorry, but that is just the circle of life. You can’t hoard everything forever.

The moral is to try to use up most of your money in your lifetime before you die. You worked hard to earn it. Might as well enjoy it yourself.


Are you spending your money now so that you will spend most of your money when you are alive?