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Not sure if this strategy would work around here…


TV hype…


With these crazy high selling prices, something to still keep in mind…


Whole foods best niche is gluten free stuff. Otherwise you’re better off going to a farmer’s market or a natural foods store or Trader Joe’s.


What’s the big deal about gluten free foods? I know you need to eat them if you have Celiacs disease, but other than that, is there a benefit to them? Less than 1% of the population has it.


Gluten-free is a scam…Just like the mold scare, and all the other hoaxes hurled at gullible Americans…Lead paint, asbestos, caffeine, saccharine , aspertame, sugar, carbs, radon, ad nauseum…How come modern man keeps living longer…With all the bullshit thrown at us you would think we all be dead at 40…NOT to mention seat belts, airbags, helmets, safety laws, EPA, OSHA, MADD, and all the other Nanny state crap we are force fed…How do we live so long?..Don’t believe in any of the silly horsehit flung around in the last 50 years…Personally I blame Ralph Nader. .an ambulance chaser on a national level…The father of the consumer movement


Modern wheat is a genetically modified grain that is nothing like heritage/ancient grains. It has a gluten that people are not used to digesting. To be diagnosed for Celiac, generally you need to have antibodies to the gluten (which if I understand correctly means that your intestines are so bad off that the proteins entered your blood), but a lot of people can be sensitive to gluten without it showing up as antibodies in the blood.

I have been going mostly modern wheat free since November, and it’s made a big difference in both my mood and how much sleep i need. I’ve gained about 2 functional hours a night (used to sleep 9-10 hours, now I only need 7-8 hours), and I don’t get super cranky right before bed (which used to involve screaming at kids a lot). I have substituted other carbs for wheat, so it’s not that I’m suddenly going paleo/low carb. I also find that I’m on the computer less because I feel less lethargic. My son was also doing a low-wheat diet and dropped 10lbs in a couple of months. He stabilized at a really good weight/BMI.

Wheat is in sooooo much stuff, that eliminating it entirely is pretty tough, and frankly a lot of gluten-free stuff doesn’t taste as good. I don’t like to buy a lot of packaged foods, but we do buy Glutino cookies and Trader Joe’s gluten free brownie mix so that I don’t have to give up every single sweet except for ice cream. A couple of times I’ve ended up looking for stuff at Whole Foods, though I hate shopping there.

Some people say that to really heal from gluten damage, you need to be off wheat entirely for 3 months. I don’t know–maybe I could feel absolutely fantastic if I did, but for me, I limit it to once or twice a week and call it a good compromise.


Wow Terri, you are so careful about your food intake. I eat pretty much anything served to me so long as they are served :slight_smile:


I don’t care about gluten free, organic, or what have you. What matters to me is whether the food is fresh or not.


If I’m out with people, I’ll do the same. But since I’m the chef at home, I’ve simply adjusted our menu not to have pizza and pasta every lunch and dinner.


Eating pasta and pizza every meal is never a good idea. .Carbs are for kids and teenagers…After 30 you need less carbs


After 30 you need more testosterone. So that means you need to eat steak, whole eggs, and salmon. Supplement that with cruciferous veggies then you are set!!!





Hey, even I am considering leaving what I thought was my “forever” home in the Sunset…



Nobody stays forever… a lot of my diehard SF friends are thinking about leaving. …This one friend has lived in SF for over 20 years and has had enough, or forgot her Prozac.

LEAVE SAN FRANCISCO WHILE YOU CAN (NEVER NEVER LAND) - San Francisco (while OK to visit although you will freeze in the summer) has lost its class and is out of touch with reality. Being passive aggressive (aka cowardly with no accountability) is the NORM in both personal and professional venues. Crime has gone way up, not family oriented at all with people who have serious commitment issues (men and women), one of the most insular group of society people with the worst style (yet they think or pretend they are cool), politicians like Nancy Pelosi are not in touch with reality (i.e. she promotes Obama Care which does not take care of people and has rising costs while she and the select few has the best healthcare that Obamacare could never provide), social climbing dot comers trying to be society people but not quite making it given the insular group does not let them in but the dot comers are even more tacky for trying too hard, the hippies who think they are open minded and peace loving yet do criminal acts (i.e.steal or act violent to prove a point),liberal thinking no matter what (and this is not taking any political side). This place is not a good place for the middle or upper middle class as you just get lost in the shuffle. I would recommend coming here to get at most a few good years of job experience, and then take any money you may be lucky enough to save and get the hell out of here unless you want to be single forever or living in an apartment or if you buy, you might get an ugly fixer upper for $1.5 million. Unless you want to have a 90% chance of growing old single around a bunch of commitment phobes who may be friends with you but offer no future while you rent forever or spend a ridiculous sum on a fixerupper that would cost 1/5th the amount in New England, I would just pack your bags and leave for a place that has culture and career opportunities but is also more real and down to earth. Just my two cents. One good thing is the Bay AREA (i.e. CPMC) has really great DOCTORS (on average) here compared to the rest of the country. Although beware of Stanford Medical as I understand they regularly use interns to treat older people since there is less risk for malpractice suits (sick!) Another good thing is I do like the creativity in technology which enables business solutions but unless you are the top CLevel Exec within the company that thrives (at least a couple of times over) or are in sales and have 15+ years of over $500k+ yearly sales commissions, there are not enough years in a lifetime to reap the real benefits and live a normal life as a homeowner thriving in a lovely home with a family, kids, and not be stressing out over finances and the potential passive aggressive office politics so common on the West Coast.


She’s just bitter that other people got ahead of her and she gets priced out of the city.


Probably, but there are a lot like her and they vote…Probably for rent control and growth restictions even though it is not going to benefit them…

She is mainly angery and bitter because she is a hot looking woman nearing 50 and most of her friends have married and moved out of town…SF is a Peter Pan town…best for the single party life…most chose to leave especially when their kids hit school age…