Sorry, Ain't Going Near Hunters Point

regardless of how much potential there is. It won’t be really clean in my lifetime…

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You can buy a house there, rent it out for great cashflow and appreciation, and then turn around to sue the city and developer to sell you such toxic waste. Triple homeruns! What’s not to like?


Too many questions for my taste…

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Think about the potential lawsuit settlement money you can get! Dr. Dao would no doubt put a bet there.


Wouldn’t you have to disclose possible contaminants to tenants - otherwise they can do the same and do Dr. Dao on you?

When you are talking radioactive waste, I am pretty sure it is not the money that you are focusing on. It would be the health and safety of your family.

It’s all speculation at this stage. I don’t think it’s landlords’ responsibility to report any rumors or speculations.

What did Dr. Dao teach you?

What, no pain, no gain???:slight_smile:

I know a person selling some units over there, very cheap.

Never mind! You guys are not interested. Who?:stuck_out_tongue:

I say we will have a second Mission in Bayview/Hunters Point. Place your bet before it’s too late.

God, I would bet on Chinatown becoming Mission 2.0 before BW/HP…

Delays, delays, delays…

Amazon HQ2 might be moving into this neighborhood…

Bezos can’t afford Fab 7x7!!!:laughing:

That’s why he needs to opt for the cheapest place in town… :rofl:

It would be awesome if he chose our fabulous city, but imagine the congestion and housing prices… Ok, bring it Jeff!!! (Wow, my inlaw units would go for $3k/mo…)

I think @manch might have made the right decision to invest in Bayview after all…

We all know it is a no-brainer long term to invest there, but can one survive the short-term???