South Lake Tahoe prices going nuts

The housing crisis was caused bt TRPA nimbyies and environmentalists

Makes me think twice about a place in the Keys! Can’t imagine waking up to find this guy gorging in the fridge.

They mainly break into garages. I reinforced my garage door and never leave food in there or the garbage

This is why I take my trash to the dump. Fast, convenient, cheap ($7.50 for the first 300 pounds) and I don’t have to worry about finding my trash can torn to smithereens and my garbage strewn over 50 yards of roadway as has happened to some of my neighbors.

Old news. Mackinaw trout, crawfish, and even gold fish have been dumped in Tahoe for over 100 years. Mackinaw is the number gone game fish now.

Worse problems in the East.

Looks like good news to me. Especially as a RE investor.
A new report published in March shows the median average price of a home in Tahoe tripled in nine years, from $345,000 in 2012 to $950,000 in 2021


When you send your kids out trick-or-treating on Halloween don’t let them dress up as bears.

The bears are everywhere in Tahoe. They are now even found in the Bay Area. We never had these urban bears until they put limits on hunting. They are pests but not really a threat to humans. They are now a major tourist attraction. The tourists just need to hang out around dumpsters to find them. I had on in my garage. You are considered a tourist until you find one in your kitchen. Give them a wide berth and they will escape and not attack. In my garage I grabbed a garbage can over my head. The bear backed off. The bigger you look the more they will respect you.


Also in stock and real estate market.

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