South San Francisco next hot area?

Looks like google/youtube and merck is starting to get into SSF. maybe next potential hot area?

Peninsula is hotter than south bay, too much…

SSF had biotech already with Genentech there, but I am not a fan of SSF at all. When I was looking over there, the flight path from SFO over that region was especially bad and absolutely horrendous in some parts. I went to a home in the hills where the planes were so low to the homes that you had to feel it even a bit with the windows closed. And keep in mind this will NEVER change as long as SFO is there. Yes, I know you can double or triple pane your windows, but who wants to live like that always with doors and windows closed? I would rather go elsewhere with my investment dollar because I just don’t see how that situation will ever improve. In fact, wasn’t it reported recently that Pacifica folks were even complaining that the planes were coming into their airspace more and much later into the night? And let’s be honest, as the entire region continues to grow, won’t there probably be even more air traffic?

I’d look in San Bruno and southern bit of Daly City. The part of DC that’s seen most bidding is the Westlake area. South and East DC has not seen much love yet.

I agree with mach here. In addition to West Lake, I see a lot of hot activities in St. Francis area. Convenience is key there for a lot of people in St. Francis area.

I agree with both manch and myo.
It would be a 15 minutes nice drive from DC to the Youtube or office. On the other hand, it would be also 15 minutes nice Bart to downtown SF, in case one want to change job to work at SF.

I am sure I am biased. I feel that even the quality of the houses in West Lake/Garden Village is higher than that in SSF…

Sorry, no access to story but sounds like SSF leadership is stepping up to the plate about allowing the building of more housing…

Just avoid the homes that get buzzed by planes and you should be ok…

Is a 3/2 Condo in SSF below 600k which could be leased for 3.5k+/month a good deal?
What is wrong with SSF except for the airplane noise?

There are 4 units to choose from, so I am not worry competition from you guys :wink:

Nearby SFH with 3 bed 2 bath renting for $3.2K, what makes you think this condo can ask for 3.5k+? Also HOA of $700 is not attractive and who knows if they have rental restrictions.

Yes. Thanks for correcting me. It is more 3k+/month for sure.

The condo have no rental restriction. I have friends renting there for decades.

HOA fee will be another discussion which is about Condo vs SFH. I know @manch Love SFH because of land, that I understand. However, I owned SFH rental long enough to replace roof, fence and redo landscaping and so on. It is just a delay expense for SFH. Tenants don’t need to pay garbage and water while I have a higher depreciation to claim (because of less value in land). I am just not that allergic to HOA…

Hey, I think you mistook me for @sfdragonboy. I have no qualm for owning condos and townhouses. I love them. I have no problem with HOA either. We get some services for the money spent.

Come to think about it, condos and townhouses make better rentals actually. Upkeep is less than SFH, and I am still not convinced SFH appreciates at a faster pace. The data I have seen didn’t bear that out. It seems to be a myth among SFH investors. :slight_smile:

Yeah, its me who has the preference for SFHs as primary residences and/or flipping. For rentals, multi units are the way to go, not condos and THs.

Speaking of SSF, I went to a SFH opening last weekend and more of the same: PLANE NOISE!!!

Then, I get a call from the LA the other day, place sold for about 125K or so more and there were 16 offers. Crazy people. So you want to pay nearly 1M for noise every 10 min or so??? Why???

@sfdragonboy stop messing around and just buy in Millbrae already. Like you said it’s another Chinatown, but with big yards and sunny sky.


Also considering San Bruno Hills too…

Ha ha, may be the SSF buyers are going to retire there and noise is no longer a concern if they are old enough as they will have difficulty to hear anyway :sweat_smile:.

I am going to hire property management anyway (as I am the worse handy man in the world)
In this case, multiple condos seems to be better than a multi unit as the long term appreciation of individual condos should be higher, am I right?

I love san bruno hill. close to millbrae, daly city, sf, so convinient eating and shopping for groceries.
and great view too


If you had a budget max about say 1.3M, where would you buy in San Bruno Hills? Crestmoor, Mills Park, Rollingwood or ??? I can spend less too but I am seeing things go 1.2 or slightly more if really nice. I am only really needing say 3/2. Remember, this is just a home for say 4-5 years maximum.

Of course 4 condos is way better than a 4plex. However, can you get 4 condos with the same or slightly more money?

Crestmoor i think the best or Up the Hill, rollingwood and down the crime is higher and not as quiet
up the hill is a bit windy but you got great views and very very quiet.
Or if you don’t need a bigger house, there’s some millbrae fixer for i think around 1.3