Speaking Of Lil Kiddies And Their Schools


Same here. Even though I don’t like new school bonds or other new property taxes, I always vote yes based on FOMO, a strong fear of missing out on educational opportunities for kids, also a fear of missing out on property appreciation due to underfunded schools.

Liberals have hijacked our votes and hijacked our policy.


Gap year is batshit crazy. I won’t pay a dime if my kids asked for gap years. With all due respect (which means I am going to crap on it) anti-poverty programs have all failed. Millions of people have done them and poverty is still very much with us. I don’t think a 18-year-old is going to set the world on fire with their anti-poverty programs.


Omg, a cold blooded liberal. :joy:

I actually think it’s a good idea to let the kids know the real world using the gap year. Even if the anti-poverty program does not produce much results for the poor, it would provide extremely valuable learnings to the elitist 18 year old. It would humble the kid and open his eyes.

I think we should require every high school graduate to take 1-2 years to gain real world experience, make a living, or just get a real world social experiment like this anti poverty program.

Mormon church is doing this by requiring young men to go on a 2 year missionary trip. Are Mormons more mature, more successful and more responsible than the rest of the population?


Two years in the military will straighten out most kids…


Send all the drug abusers to military, let them train until they are sick of drugs.

Muslim countries would kill the drug users, we don’t want to be that extreme. But I think drug rehab is more important than college education for America. Actually is college the reason we have so many drug addicts here?


How are you getting to the conslusion that college equals drug usage?


Good grief!!!

Let me suggest two things:

  1. Better to do a gap year before you have that degree from Harvard than two after.

  2. A lot of kids are burnt out and need a break. I took a year off in the middle of college because of it, and my parents had the same objections–you’ll never go back and finish. But my grades had dropped by significantly, and I was more worried about flunking out than going back.

A gap year or year off can be really good for giving kids some independence and determination to finish their degrees. I did way better at attending my classes when I came back from my year off than before it. There are some classes that I made a single lecture before I took time off. After–I tried to make every class unless I was sick.

Also–I can’t find the story–but there was a kid who didn’t make it into MIT, and took a gap year to start a motorcycle business. He applied again, made it in, and has a business to boot. Pretty cool.


College is over rated. Take college too seriously, you’ll become a worse person. Take it in appropriate seriousness, you’ll get a real education.


I think drug abuse is the sin of the schools, high school and colleges alike. A home schooled kid is less likely to use drugs. Parties at colleges are the way to spread drug addiction.


Wait a minute. Do you have a degree? Bachelor or Master or PhD? Which major? Which college?


Of course. Without a degree, how can I know?

People always value things they don’t have


Data says opioid addiction is highest among middle aged white men without a college education.


But a large percentage of college and high school students smoke weeds. Almost all of my young tenants smoke weeds.

Middle aged white men without degree have a depression issue, they commit suicide more and use opiod more, mainly due to economic reasons. They can’t adjust to the rise of women so they destroy themselves.

However, higher percentage of young people use drugs. Lower income young people seem to use drugs more than higher income ones.


Beta men.


It’s not a laughing matter. Many white men commit suicide. It’s a huge social issue. Trump was elected partly for this task.

We need a society beta men and omwga men can also survive. If some beta turns alpha, you can have the Las Vegas massacre


If they are killing themselves purely because they can’t handle rise of women and other races? Ok.


No matter what, you don’t want these beta and omega become bouncing alpha. What if they throw away opioids and follow the white supremacists? We need to slow down and let them survive


How so you want us to slow down? Do we slow down just for white men? Or do we slow down for women and blacks/latinos/asians as well?


We should slow down for all. Make it equal for all. I think merit based society would be better for everyone. Everyone would know it’s fair, you work harder, you can have better outcome. Priority is not a good long term policy.

Everyone should go through the same gate. No fast lane and no slow lane.


They don’t just kill themselves they grab automatic weapons and commit mass murder. The red states need gainful employment