Speaking Of Lil Kiddies And Their Schools


Man, the world is a cold, cold, competitive place. You fall behind, see ya…


Not necessarily. He apparently was working in high school. If he can hold down a job, he has a future.


Have you seen what the rent is lately in the Fab 7x7? The world is a cruel, expensive place if you don’t have either skills or knowledge. Why else is Sacramento booming, because people actually love it there? :slight_smile:


He’s Latino. He’s going to live with his family one way or another–they’re a multigen culture. He’s living in the Fab 7x7 now, and he will continue to do so until the whole family is gentrified somewhere else. And he would’ve anyways employed or not. He was working and taking care of his siblings during high school–for the family both of these are tremendously important.

I don’t think judging him solely on his grades is the way to go.

[PS: Note the absence of any mention of drugs, alcohol, gangs, or criminal record in discussion of his record. This guy sounds like someone with tremendous potential to me.]


Getting straight Fs means he isn’t trying at all (perhaps skipping all classes). If he put a little effort in he’d get at least a C or D? I suppose he can live in SF through affordable housing, so taxpayers will be footing the bill.



Mmmm, the smell of old money…

(Ladies, when you run for Prez be thorough and don’t overlook states that you think are foregone winners…)



“where tuition is $34,500 per year.” Cheap.

I wonder if Clinton was really bullied, or just putting stories in to make people think she’s more human/approachable.