Sperm counts continue to plummet in Western nations

If this continues, population or population quality will be at risk. Once population starts decline, housing would be at toast


“Modern men still have 66.4 million sperm per milliliter of semen compared with 92.8 million per milliliter from men nearly four decades ago” (First question–do we have semen counts from that long ago? really? Been storing them somewhere?)

So looks like statistically the runner up gets to be the winner in 1/3 of the cases. Honestly, for now, I don’t think we’re going to see a population decline.

But I do agree that it is cause for concern as a measure of overall health.

(PS: Doesn’t say what the total count is–that’s per ml. Maybe modern men drink more water???)

Don’t worry, if you can’t have babies the normal way then go to the lab…

Maybe human being should relax like the animals, not stressed out. Modem men is overly stressed

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I think we should campaign for women to return to their right place, home!

These factors can temporarily reduce a man’s fertility, but researchers think the real damage is being done during exposures occurring in the womb, Swan said.

“Research has found that when a mother smokes, her son has a lower sperm count, regardless of his own smoking,” Swan said. "That says what a man is exposed to when he’s in utero is important. The mother’s exposure will cause a change that stays with the man his entire life.”

Nowadays, women work, they become stressed, smoke, drink, and …
Study is conclusive, women should be SAHM.

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Beware, the feminists @MM_HH and @Jane will slam you for this travesty…

They should compare the sperm count of men with a SAHM or working outside of home mom. The sperm count decline could be due to stressed out working mother

Let’s get the fact straight before any political witch hunt

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Let’s think about this one: men are getting impotent because their wives work?


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Men become impotent because their mothers work. Jeez.

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Too many variables to mean anything. .besides even a count of 15million is still viable for reproduction.

It’s due to chemicals. We are being poisoned because of the Monsanto and whatnot corporations putting their crap even into Captain Crunch cereal for kids. The kids nowadays are in love with this spicy crap called Cheetos, full of chemicals.

Anything with preservatives is going to increase the decline of the human being on earth. Those who live in poor countries and eat from what they get from mother earth, if they don’t get the chemical rain on their vegetables, are multiplying just fine.

But the idiots in this administration are deporting people when we need more to multiply so the kids can join the army.

Seeds are GMO
Fertilizers are non organic
Animals are injected with fast growing hormones & insatiable appetite
Processed food are full of preservatives, artificial salt and sugar

Working mothers have social implications:

  • Stress, smoke, drink lead to unhealthy kids
  • Kids become socially awkward, misguided and not resilient

Haha… have you tried staying home with kids. That will drive you to stress, drink and smoke faster than work.

There are benefits to having a stay at home parent. Reducing stress of the person staying home is not one.

In the end, it only takes 1 sperm to make a baby. I’m not worried one bit about men losing a few. Maybe they could stay home instead of work and “relax” (haha) with the kids to get those sperm #s up.


LOL!!! So true. I’m so ready to throttle one of my kid’s today. She went to bed way too late and is a total whiner today.

Wow, that’s quite lenient of you, @MM_HH. I thought you were going to criticize hanera much harshly than that. At least you didn’t use any foul language this time so it’s a definite improvement.

I guess I have just accepted that this forum has some serious sexist and racist tones more often than not lately. My efforts are better spent teaching my 2 sons to respect and appreciate woman to the same degree as they do men and to teach my daughter to command respect.


You direct to the wrong guy.


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So you are staying at home while your wife goes to work and support your family? Or both of you staying at home?

Used to be the sole breadwinner of the household and she brings in the bacon only.
Now. I got to be the king of the palace, she got to deal with those backstabbers.
Giving commands is less stressful than being stabs by Ninjas and arrowed by taichi masters.

Answer to your question is obvious. In any case, read many articles and talks by schools that kids are not resilient.

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Ok, @manch, forum patrol time!!! @MM_HH is attacking @hanera’s wife and kids!!!

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