Square, Inc

That’s where my new tenant is heading…


How is there still that much vacant office space in SF?

Uh, still building Sir…


Hope they expand further out north and gentrify the tenderloin more. I still hate driving thru that area whenever I head out to Japantown…

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God, I love and can handle driving in the city (and stick shift on those hills) but lately it has gotten really bad with traffic everywhere…

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Traffic on 101 down to south bay has actually gotten better btw. I can easily make from SF to mountain view in 1hr even during rush hours. Maybe all the cool kids now live and work in SF. :sunglasses:

Now, is that due to summer break and vacation time???

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Guess my tenant might be leaving…

Square’s Earnings Will Show Whether Pace of Growth Can Continue

  • Subscription and services seen as key metric to watch

  • Stock tumbled 26% last month amid tech rout, CFO departure


Come on, I want my tenant to buy my house one day!!!

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Morphing into personal financing?

Damn, need to hit up my tenant for some juicy info…

It’s more competing against Paychex and ADP who also do payroll processing for companies.

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Is above a curse or bullish? Wonder what is the cost of acquisition and potential liability. Should I add or sell?

Itunes, Google Play, WeChat, Alipay, Adyen, etc. can easily replicate the same lending business.