Stocks vs real estate


I’ll take a volatile stock portfolio over pension any day.


wuqijun is auditing his stock portfolio diligently and he got a 100% return in 10 years. How many people has better returns from 2007 to 2017? And how many worse? How many did not track and have no clue?


I don’t know, my buddy is retiring from his pseudo gov’t job late next year. His retirement will be in a form of a pension that pays him approximately 90% of his salary (presumably last 3 yrs average or something to that effect) for the rest of his life… mid 50s by then, not too shabby…


I bet the BART janitor does better than your government buddy.


Probably not, overtime pay doesn’t count

Honesty I think a pension is better than a $3M stock portfolio


If I were the BART janitor, I would be very diligent about work from now on…overtime or not. He would be stupid to mess it all up and lose out on the gravy train…


Nothin’ wrong with a solid, unflappable pension check every month, on the month, for the REST of your life. Just think about that. Imagine the paycheck that you are getting (hopefully it is decent at this point and still can be higher later) and take out 10% and that would be what you get for the REST of your life. Stock market takes a dive, you don’t care one bit as you are sipping on that mai tai…


it depends on how much pension you are getting per year. In order for me to take pension over $3M in stocks the pension has to be $500k per year after tax.


[quote=“BAGB, post:203, topic:1355”]
wuqijun is auditing his stock portfolio diligently and he got a 100% return in 10 years.
[/quote]Even in the same thread, you can get the fact wrong :thinking:


Hehehe… I’m mediocre but I did beat 100% in 10 years…


Annual dividend yield of S&P 500 is around 2-2.2%, so a $3M portfolio would throw out $60k-$66k a year, $5k-$5.5k per month. How much are you earning now?


If wuqijun got 150% return from 2007-2012, then got another 100% from 2012-2017, his performance would be not typical for the time period. 150% from 2007-2012 is not typical.

Apparently I underestimated wiqujun. I think in another thread, his stated return is nowhere near 300% for the last 10 years. Now I’m not sure if his self audit is really diligent :grinning:

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I would rather own real estate paying 7% cash flow and 5% appreciation than stocks with a 2.5% dividend and a roller coaster appreciation. .To hard to stomach after 65…


Shoot, I would rather bankroll my dear Mom and take a share of her mah jong winnings on a daily basis…today, I think she wiped out the 3 strangers she played with for an afternoon to the tune of a few hundred dollars. And she wasn’t even playing big stakes…oh, tax free too :grinning:


Google shopping competing with Amazon

Google Android is competing with Iphone ios. Pixel vs iphone.

Google browser killed Msft IE

Google is also competing with Facebook.

Google has 35% stakes of Office products like email host, storage etc competing Amazon.

Google Nest, Nest Cam, Nest cloud support…consumer side. Nest Camera is growing will eventually replace all home security network.

It has google venture funding companies like Robinhood…etc. Many successful start ups are funded.

Google is everywhere spreading it tentacles like octopus.

BTW: I do not own any of them as I moved to some qualified dividend payers.


Your list of Google this and that is exactly the problem with Google. It tried everything half heartedly. Look at its earnings statement and see where the revenue comes from. It’s still all about search.


There has been tons of capital gains for both stocks and RE in the past few years, hope we’ll still enjoy slower but steady gains

Stock usually falls really fast but you can exit in 1 second. I don’t like stocks but it’s still good to know the market

Keep bring good news and reach nice gains


When all the investors are happy, complacent and looking for perpetual gains, the top could be close


All those other google things lose money. Last of them don’t even generate revenue other than enabling selling of more ads. The only one that might eventually make a profit is nest.


I don’t think google needs to do anything else besides search. Yes, it’s a one trick pony but so what. It just needs to be very good at its one trick, which google is.