Stockton/Lodi, Come On Down!

Old news… tough to flip though… FHA controls the market… Just buy low rent and out a couple of years and sell. Don’t bother to improve… FHA appraiser will give no credit for value add…

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Maybe, hold that thought on Stockton… Come on, cutting off the parking meters!!!

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Let’s boost Pittsburg and Antioch first!!! Come on now… :rofl:

I sold 6 houses in Stockton in 2016… Should have kept them… BA commuters driving up prices… tough being a landlord in Stockton…

How’s one supposed to commute from Stockton??? :rofl:

Trades people commute at 5am being doing it for 40years.
There are many with off hour jobs. One hour to Oakland off commute times

If Sacto people can do it, maybe to SF more like it, why not Stockton people???



OMG yes of course… I always got Stockton confused with FRESNO and I thought this thread was about Fresno all along… everything makes sense now… :rofl:

The closer the more expensive. Tracey, Mt House, 20 min closer… 40% more expensive… Stockton is one of the few affordable places left…

So why is Brentwood more expensive than Antioch? I hate that exception to the norm… :laughing:

Because Antioch is a shithole

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Hey now, @RealEstatebull and I had fun knocking on doors in Antioch with @wuqijun :joy::rofl::scream:

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My friends at Waypoint got rich in Antioch… big money in shitholes. I made my best return in South Sac… makes Antioch look like paradise…

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If Antioch ever gets gentrified there goes the last “sh*thole” in he Bay Area… :rofl:

Well there is still east Oakland

East Oakland seems to never improve. That’s pretty amazing when everything around it is rocketing up.