Suburbs Trying to Attract Millennials Diverge on Development Patterns

Of the top 10 cities with populations over 250,000 that showed the fastest growth between 2014 and 2015, more than half, including Austin, Fort Worth, Texas and Charlotte, N.C., are more suburban than urban in terms of population density, according to census data analyzed by economist Jed Kolko, a senior fellow at the Terner Center for Housing Innovation at the University of California, Berkeley. Population growth in higher-density suburban counties has outpaced urban counties each year since 2012, his analysis found.

Did not know there is such a thing as “high density suburb”.

SF is a collection of high density suburbs, aka neighborhoods the only city part is downtown

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Ah! You are exactly right! I still remember my deep disappointment when I first set foot in SF from Hong Kong. I thought to myself: that’s it?? It looks more like a small town than a metropolitan.

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Ha ha, that’s what I thought too. No match to Hong Kong and Singapore. So many plazas, so many variety of foods and beverages, so many clubbing night spots, … now even have casinos, F1, and MMA… and an Olympic gold medalist. Condos are very luxurious, resort-like feel… security, swimming pools, golfing, roof top gardens, gym, squash/tennis courts, party rooms, barbecue pits, indoor badminton/table tennis courts, exquisite landscaping… best part, stay-in maids to take care of household chores!!! Oh, hotel like hospitals, and world-class transportation system, yay!

I’d like to see that chart expanded to 50 or 100 years. It’s small enough here to be considered more trendy than permanent shift.

It’s a pendulum, swinging from one end to the other and back. It used to be white flight, now gentrification. Maybe we will go back to the flight part of the pendulum 20 years later.


They called it “white flight” when my parents, aunts and uncles were doing it circa 1960. Predominately whites were leaving the City to head for the suburbs in Marin, Contra Costa and even San Mateo (I almost grew up in Pacifica!) The reality was, money was leaving the City and only the poorer, predominately minorities remained, because they couldn’t afford the new suburbs.

The latest round, known as gentrification initially and now, in social service circles referred to as “displacement” was definitely NOT white by any means. According to the activists, whites were moving in and displacing non-whites. The reality is, money was coming in and lower income renters were being priced out.

Only, no one labeled it with a racial description. I wonder why that is? :slight_smile:

PC wins once again.!

I say the flight is already starting. This time because of affordability. Or lack thereof, in the prime urban areas.

The knowledge economy is widening the income gap. The haves and the have-nots are dichotomies in skills as much as incomes. People with no education are left further and further behind. The mystery is why people don’t wise up to the new reality and bulk up on their education.

Bay Area is Ground Zero of this new reality. People who have the skills: the tech people, the doctors and the lawyers, get to stay. People who don’t: the janitors, the Best Buy salespeople are cast farther and farther away.

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No mystery there. Because they’ve accepted the government mantra that a “livable wage” is their right as in human rights. And, they don’t need to do anything except wait for the government to provide.

Government welfare is overhyped. Vast majority of these people work, but they work at the low-skill spectrum. Your local Best Buy salesman is not cashing any welfare checks.

I suspect there is some screw up in the K-12 system. Maybe many people still think they can achieve middle class lifestyle with only a high school education, like their fathers. Except the world has moved on.

And Trump is tapping into those angry people.


you need to get out more. Or talk to your pool boy.

27.7% of the HS students in CA don’t think they even need to graduate from HS to earn a reasonable living:

And, I wasn’t speaking of government direct welfare as in AFDC. But all of the mini-welfare programs. The one’s I deal with on a regular basis. Do you know how many times a month some advocate from some county program tells me that a $2 bus fare is pricing “the poor” out of being able to go to work? And, we need to give them a free ride. Literally.

Looking at the mortgage deduction on my tax return I take in a lot of “government welfare” myself. No complaints.

In my circle of medicine, the doctors and nurses are fleeing for more affordable places. The ones who stay are the ones who settled 10 or so years ago.

Many Frontline healthcare is feeling the pressure of so much tech implementation on our jobs that many are getting restless.


You mean you need to use computers a lot?

Far deeper than that. Let’s just say much of healthcare implements I.T. in ways that’s often half baked. Then critiques the results and finds fault in the end user.

Some tech advancements are useful and productive, the rest is just worthless gimmick.

See robotic surgery history.

We can fix that.

I’m a strong advocate of eliminating the MID. It is wrong to use tax policies to set social policies. It distorts the marketplace.

You don’t need to graduate from HS to earn a good living if you are smart. Right now you can learn to code and get paid. Degree helps of course but is not strictly mandatory if you have a portfolio to show.

Technically it’s true, but I don’t think skipping college altogether is a good idea. Obviously it worked out fine for MarkZ and BillG but there is only one MarkZ and only one BillG. Many of these people may learn to code in one particular language, say javascript, but completely skip the theory courses like algorithm. They may get good work for a while but fundamentally they are one trick ponies. If their one particular skill goes out of style they can’t easily adapt to the next one.

I’m pretty sure they both graduated from HS. Again I’m not advocating dropping out, but it’s certainly possible. You could even get a good gig in the trades without a HS diploma, no? Or is that a licensing requirement?